Lesley’s Lifeline List: 8 great strategies for Lockdown 2

Hello everyone! Well here we all are in Lockdown 2 – who would have believed it? Anyway it is here and we have to navigate it and cope with it as best we can.

It’s a rather different feel to Lockdown 1. We had the wonderful weather in May and June and lots of us spent hours in our gardens and parks. We also thought, well this is only for a short while then we’ll come out the other side and everything will be back to NORMAL! Sadly normal is very different now, but in order to thrive and survive it’s vital that we adapt and change and embrace the new way.

Lesley’s Lifeline List: 8 great strategies for Lockdown 2

How lucky we are to be connected to the Annabel& Grace community, with their amazing beauty, cooking, fashion and lifestyle tips and advice.

I for one have thoroughly embraced my online community and without it, living in rural South Cheshire, I really would feel isolated.

Anyway the good news is I’ve devised some great strategies to get us through this and a few of them you may want to adopt in the long-term.

1. Get up early 6.30am

Embrace the daylight hours, very often the best weather and light is in the mornings.

2. Meditate every day

There’s so much valid research to show that meditation is a crucial tool in promoting positive mental health & well-being.

3. Go for a daily walk

Try and get out daily in Nature walking has so many health benefits and a good brisk walk can enhance mood, increase metabolism and release those feel good hormones, endorphins.

4. Eat mainly vegetarian food

This is one that you can choose as a lifestyle option, its well documented that eating at least 5 fruit and vegetables a day is so important for and gut and digestion and the vitamin and mineral content can help make our skin glow.

5. Have a gratitude diary

Being grateful for little things in life can really make us feel better about ourselves, being positive makes us thrive. Be thankful for the little things, such as watching the birds in the garden, cherishing a home cooked winter warming meal, a chat with a friend and/or a long hot bath. All these things we should be grateful for.

6. Phone someone living alone every day

 You may be living alone yourself, don’t wait for a phone call, pick up the phone and call someone you know who also lives alone, a chat with a friend can be so uplifting and make such a difference to that person, but also too you!

7. Limit media

This is an important one, watching or listening to the news continually can be rather depressing, at the moment especially, keep abreast of events but once a day is probably enough.

8. Do something creative

Could be knitting, art, sewing or playing a musical instrument. When was the last time you made anything? Or did anything creative for pure pleasure? Most of us have a creative streak. Being creative is another way of uplifting the spirits, picking up an old hobby or learning a new one. Get lost in the moment and escape into a wonderful world of creativity.

Have a great week everyone and stay safe, keep going!

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