Too Much Stuff Can Clutter Your Mind As Well As Your House

Well it now seems festive preparations began in earnest in November. Black Friday sales are the beginning – how we adopted them in the UK I have no idea. They are the day after Thanksgiving, a celebration we don’t have in the UK and have never had.

I do think many of us have lost the true meaning of Christmas. In other words a Christian celebration where small gifts are exchanged, families gather to eat a sumptuous feast, and churches are visited for Midnight Mass and to sing carols!

Christmas seems to have turned into a massive marketing fest for the retail industry. For once, this year, I’m not falling for it.

I actually think many of us have far too much Stuff!!! As I call it. Things, clothes, shoes ornaments or whatever. It goes under my collective name of Stuff!  Getting rid of stuff is extremely therapeutic. I have decided personally to get rid of lots of Stuff I’ve had for many years, and concentrate on buying less, and appreciating and wearing what I have instead of hanging it in the wardrobe for years and never wearing it.

Ask yourself these three questions.

  1. Do I really need it?
  2. Will I wear it?
  3. Will it make me happy?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO then don’t go with it. It’s superfluous to your requirements and therefore not necessary.

I also think its time we really considered the cost to the environment of buying cheap throwaway disposable clothing and items. It’s best to have one luxury, well-made, ethical piece that you can wear, enjoy and appreciate the craftsmanship of.

So this Christmas think before you buy. Is it really necessary?

Too much Stuff can also clutter the mind. There is a great movement now to declutter and live a more minimalist life. A tidy home and a decluttered home is conducive to a tidy and decluttered mind. It’ll knock ten years off you, I promise you ladies!

So happy Christmas preparations. But please remember less is more – it’s easier for you to handle and give you less stress! Take some time out to have a walk in the park or relax with friends. Christmas should be a happy, fun relaxing time, Enjoy it !!!

Christmas Preparations

It starts in November now,
The preparations, I don’t know how.
Black Friday is just the beginning
Then it’s the choirs and the singing.
Christmas is but just one day,
But the nation is busy and all array.
The children are excited and happy the parents watch their plays and are all clappy!
The turkey is caught, bought and prepped,
All whilst the little ones slept,
The grannies are knitting and sewing,
The costumes for plays and for showing
The children get into such a tizzy
As school gets so busy
But Christmas Eve is upon us and Santa is ready to bomb us
With gifts and surprises all round
When we wake up there is such a mound.
Of food and presents alike
And Charlie gets a new bike
Granny is asleep in the chair and
Daddy’s got mad tousled hair
Christmas day is to be merry and for Mummy to drink lots of sherry
But let us not forget what it’s all about
That little boy in a cradle no doubt
His parents struggled and fled from Herod the nasty king of the Med
We need to remember that it’s about our God our saviour and all.
So say a little prayer if you can, for your granny, your dad and your mam.
Coz to have a family is damn lucky, some have no one and stay mucky
Living on our streets with no or little treats
To be homeless is an awful thing
So let’s remember those when we sing.

Have a wonderful Xmas everyone!!!!

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4 years ago

Hello Lesley, what a wonderful post which I can surely relate to. I have spent months getting rid of ‘Stuff’ as I too call it.
Ornaments, crockery, clothes ,shoes, boots etc etc. Some of very nice and some cheap and cheerful,all went to several charity shops in town. Rubbishy ‘Stuff’ went in the bin or recycling.
All my draws, wardrobes etc are now clean neat and tidy. Kitchen cupboards less cluttered of crockery which I haven’t used for years, but may be use to others,
For me personally it was hard work sorting, bagging and carting to Charity shops, even my garden got the once over.
For me personally it was a carthartic, therapeutic challenge which has paid off. Yes my home is de cluttered, my mind de cluttered but hey I am waiting for it to take 10yrs off my poor worn out body and tired face. I am all ready for Christmas and like you haven’t been sucked in by the massive commercialism of it all. So hopefully when the New Year arrives and my 65th birthday is in January I will wake up on that day with a face of a 55yr old, dream on Pamela! Haha
Yes let’s all remember the little baby Jesus who was homeless and all those who are less fortunate than us. I hope the mound of ‘Stuff’ I donated has helped one or many.
Happy Christmas ,
Pamela from Wales UK
PS I loved the Poem x.