5 Style tips from Inès de La Fressange that we subscribe to

Regular readers of our magazine will know that we are great fans of Inès de La Fressange. She is a woman of our age in all senses of the phrase but for us she has that all important attribute – STYLE. I have read her books and try to follow some of her style tips.

A classic quote from Inès – Clothes should make you look better, so that someone says, “You look great,” not “That’s a nice dress”.

Here are five of her easy to follow style tips with my suggestions alongside:

5 Style Tips / Fashion / CountryWives
Fun accessories
5 Style Tips / Fashion / CountryWives
Mandarina Shoes

Keep it simple i.e. don’t wear too many colours together but jazz it up with interesting shoes, lipstick or accessories. Grace wrote an article about 3 classic pieces which could be enhanced with interesting and colourful accessories. Click on the picture on the left to go through to the post. If you want some really fun shoes try Mandarina shoes who have the most amazing range and I can guarantee that they are extremely comfortable and not a high heel in sight!

5 Style Tips / Fashion / Winser London Lauren jacket / CountryWives

Know your classics – and when to use them. I am a huge classics fan. Both Grace and I bought a blazer from Winser London about 3 years ago and whilst it was expensive then, it was the best investment as we both wear them to death. A blazer never goes out of fashion. However beware that you don’t keep buying more of the same. For example, if you buy a new pair of navy trousers you will probably always select them from your cupboard as they will be your new favourites so it would probably be a good idea to send your old pair to the charity shop.

5 Style Tips / Fashion / Me+Em Luxe Track Pants / CountryWives

Take risks – don’t always stay in your comfort zone. Try a new hairstyle, lipstick or even a trouser shape. You may be pleasantly surprised, once you get used to the change. Do read the fashion magazines (or subscribe to our online magazine) as the fashion editors have their finger on the pulse and you may discover a brand that you have not ever heard of. I love the current trend for a side-striped trouser. Me+Em have got this style nailed – their trousers are sublime, beautifully tailored and a great fit.

5 Style Tips / Fashion / CountryWives

Scrap the logos – we are way past the age when we impress our friends by wearing a designer outfit. My friends are more impressed when I mix high street with something more expensive.

5 Style Tips / Fashion / The White Company scarves / CountryWives
The White Company scarf collection

Don’t be cold or uncomfortable. I think I should put this one at the top of the list. I am long past those T2T shoes (Taxi to Table) though I can admire those that do wear them as there is something very elegant about a high-heeled shoe. I nearly always carry a scarf, to keep me warm when I find it is chillier out than I anticipated. If there is a heatwave (we should be so lucky) a light scarf can be used to protect exposed shoulders from the sun. With shoes I have found that if I find a pair that I love so much I may go back and buy a second pair, maybe in a different colour, but to store away to use when the first pair have worn out.


5 Style Tips / Fashion / CountryWives

If you want to buy from Amazon, Inès de La Fressange’s latest book, Parisian Chic Look Book: What should I Wear Today, click HERE.

Do add any of your style tips for women of our age in the comments section below.


  1. Love your style tips and have followed through your suggestions with super purchases (Shibumi, Boden) but was desolate when I had to return the gorgeous Mandarina shoes as they were way too narrow. Any suggestions for wide fitting shoes that don’t look like old granny shoes gratefully received!

    Yes – we all love the glorious Ines – not only for her fabulous looks but because she’s always smiling – unlike so many of the upmarket magazines (Vogue, I’m looking at you) which are full of pouty, scowly models.

    • We will research wider fitting shoes that are still stylish and let you know. Yes I agree about the smiling – a smile covers up a hundred wrinkles as it lights up a face!

  2. I too like Me and Em trousers but a pair of track pants at £149 that are dry clean only are just not practical. I would consider buying more of their products if they were machine washable

    • I have to admit that I have washed my Me+Em trackie pants on a wool wash and I have had no problems. I think fashion companies put dry clean only labels in to clothes to protect themselves. I was always told that trousers which have a fixed waistband have to be dry cleaned as the interlining in the waistband can shrink but otherwise check the fabric content and make a decision. If you are worried the customer care line at Me+Em is very helpful – Email: enquiries@meandem.com and you can ask specifically about dry cleaning v. machine wash.
      Another tip is to use dry cleaning sheets (available at supermarkets) and pop your trousers in the tumble dryer with one of these. Finally wait for the sale as I have picked up some real bargains from the Me+Em sale.

  3. I READ ..all with great interest..but what to wear..French style..plus ..dog walker..style..when you are 5ft.in height.64 and be coming a small pear shape…….

    • Hi Olivia. Next week (Friday 4th May) we will be publishing a vlog I made with someone who sounds a very similar shape, height and age to you. It is part of our body image videos that we have done in conjunction with Kettlewell Colours. I hope they will be interesting to you and help to answer your question.

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