The Annabel and Grace Summer Lunch to thank all of our guest bloggers

Grace and I are always so grateful to all of our guest bloggers who regularly send us posts. These posts give us the variety that we think our readers so enjoy. We even have a male blogger, Northern Male, as you will see from the picture.

The Annabel and Grace Summer Lunch to thank all of our guest bloggers
Sandra Smith, Zeynep, Annabel, Martin (Northern Male), Grace, Jane Gordon, Bumble, Lesley Ann Green, SASSY…and Yogi & Kobi.

It is the least we can do to host as many as are available for a summer lunch to thank them for all of their contributions.

Lesley Ann Green (second on right) drove from Cheshire, a mere four hours, to be with us. Meanwhile Martin, Northern Male, took over 5 hours and 5 train changes to get to Henley.

Sadly BackPacking Granny, The Page Turner, Loloulapomme, Marvellous Mother-in-law, Miranda and Geraldine could not make it and were missed by us all.

The weather was not as hot as it has been however the rain kept away and we had a wonderful lunch, using three of our recipes – Chicken, Avocado, Red Camargue & Wild Rice Salad, Halloumi & Peach Salad, followed by Raspberry & Pistachio Meringues and fresh Berries.

If you are interested in being a guest blogger please contact us by email at

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3 years ago

What a lovely photo of you and your guest bloggers, the lunch sounded delicious yummy.
Where was Poppy? It was good to put faces to names,and hasn’t Northern Male got a lovely cheery smile.
A little while back you changed your logo from Countrywives to A&G, but I must admit if you don’t mind me saying at the time I wondered why you didn’t call it A/G &Co. and the letters a bit more chic and classy.
I now you won’t mind me suggesting this,as you are both I am sure very amiable ladies and open to suggestions. So go on make my day and think about my idea.
Hey what gorgeous weather we are having, love the summery outfits, you both look so slim and healthy.
Love Pamela from Wales UK x