Sunglasses, Shades, Sun Cheaters, Sunnies – Top Picks for Summer 2022

We recently posted a few pix of yours truly on Instagram wearing the sunglasses that I have either bought or been luckily enough to have been given over the years. I couldn’t make up my mind which pair suited me best and so we asked our wonderful Instagram followers for their opinion. Guess which pair was voted the winner? Which sunglasses would you advise me to wear? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

You may have already seen it but there’s a really useful article with tips on buying sunglasses on this website that, if you happen to be in the market for some, is essential reading before you buy a new pair.

Here are some of the on-trend styles available now for summer 2022. Use the blue links if you’d like more info on any pair that takes your fancy. Quite a few of the sunglasses here are shown on a model on the various websites, which is a great help when choosing a pair, especially to get an idea of the size.

Happy holidays! Grace x