Superfast make up routine for everyday confidence

As we get older, it can seem a bit of a faff to put on make up every single day. But, typically, on the very day you venture out without any, you will bump into an ex-boyfriend or that gossipy woman who will subsequently tell everyone she saw you looking ‘extremely tired in Waitrose’!  The point I’m making is that our older skins look washed out if they don’t get a bit of cosmetic help. Even if time is short, it is worth a few short minutes in front of a magnifying mirror to give your face a rosy, healthy glow. This superfast make up routine will boost your confidence for the entire day.

Here is the video of my 4 minute daytime make up routine that I use every morning after moisturising my face:

superfast make up routine Concealer  Most of us can get away with evening out our complexions, rather than painstakingly applying primer and foundation over our entire face and neck. Which, to be fair, if you are prepping for a big night out you might well prefer to do. But for an everyday routine, concealer may well be sufficient. Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer is the one I have found that covers and lasts all day. Buy here (3 for 2 offer on at time of writing) or read my full review.

Eyebrows Important as they frame your face. There are many excellent products on the market but my new favourite is Brow Lift Perfector by Studio 10. It comes in one long lasting colour that adjusts to suit you depending on how hard you apply it. The nifty highlighter at the other end of the pencil defines and lifts your brows. Each purchase supports the cancer charity Look Good Feel Better. £22

superfast make up routine Eyeshadow Have been using Bobbi Brown for years but also think Mac has the most wonderful colours, so you will definitely find a shade that suits you.

superfast make up routine Eyeliner Highly recommend the Mac propelling pencil liner £14.50 which comes in 25 colours, glides on easily and stays all day. Click here to view them.

Mascara  As mentioned in the video, I have been using Max Factor’s Masterpiece Max for many years now. It makes my sparse stubby lashes appear from nowhere in a trice. And I wear contact lenses, so can still recommend this even though it contains fibres. Available in black, brown and navy for £9.99 (3 for 2 offer on at time of writing) click here to have a look.

Blusher Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge – can also be used on lips. £21 but lasts for absolutely ages as you only need a tiny amount to give you rosy cheeks.

Lipstick Have two favourites – House of Colour (if you know your ‘colour season’ you can choose shades which are guaranteed to suit you) and tinted lip salve Carmex Moisture Plus £4.49. If you’d like more info, read this.






  1. Of all the blogs I enjoy reading Countrywives the hits the spot.. this everyday make up one is so true and as much as I love make up and know how much better I look and feel with it on some days well …. you know.. great stuff keep it coming ! Thank you ladies .. recipes are a hit for me too

    • Hi Margo. Just sitting here in my dressing gown (make up free!) and saw your lovely comments. We really appreciate you getting in touch, thank you. Best wishes, Grace (off to do make up now!)

  2. I have just practised the quick make up regime ,what a winner ,I do so enjoy your weekly online magazine ,lots of lovely tips & recipes ,keep on rolling the great ideas out

  3. Loved the 5 minute make up video. I have just bought the concealer, and also the Mac eyeliner. However, the Mac I’ve ordered is too light in colour, more of a turquoise. Would you please let me know what colour you’re using, so I can re-order? Thank you, in anticipation, Diana

    Thanks for the lovely message. I use that Turquoise in the evening but, in the day, I tend to go for Jade Way. Here is the link if you would like to see it (looks darker in the photo than it actually is btw – it’s a gorgeous green in reality)
    Best wishes, Grace x

  4. I usually find myself staring in the mirror n the morning wondering what to do with that tired old face staring back at me. Thanks to your fab video, I’m feeling optimistic that there is hope and I’m going to give your routine a try. Thank you too for including easy on the purse products.
    I followed your lovely magazine a few years ago and I’m so pleased that I’ve re-discovered it via Instagram. Can’t wait to read more of your super articles. x

    • Thanks so much for letting us know you’re feeling optimistic – lovely to hear. You have a lovely face and, having checked out your blog, are a good writer too. Very much liked your piece on Vienna. If you ever feel like submitting any of your posts for publication on CountryWives, please do email me. Good luck with the make up routine! Best wishes, Grace x

      • Hi Grace, your reply made my evening. I was already on a high having lost 6lbs at Slimming World so your reply was the icing on the cake ( if only I could eating cake with or without icing) ! Thank you so much for popping over to my blog. It’s always a thrill to think that someone has read and enjoyed it. It certainly makes the one finger typing worth the while. I would love to submit a post sometime and will definitely be in touch. Meanwhile I’ve been following your make up advice and did my almost invisible eye brows this morning and popped blusher further up my cheeks. Now to buy a liner and concealer! x

  5. You popped into my newsfeed on facebook and I then found this gem of a video. My order for the concealer – what a fab price it is too – is winging its way to me. Having done my colours I know to order the yellow based light. I also live in West Sussex and omitting the lists we have similar interests!

    • Hi Maureen. Thanks so much for getting in touch. Delighted you found the video useful. I use that concealer every single day and it has already lasted me weeks and there’s still plenty left… such a brilliant product. Best wishes, Grace

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