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I think it is time we all started making ethical manufacturing a priority which will then encourage fashion labels to do the same. We need to move away from ‘fast fashion’ items that we buy and only wear a few times and buy more ‘slow fashion’ or sustainable fashion.

Apparently the average wardrobe contains 57 unworn items, 16 items only worn once and 11 items still have their tags on. I am sure this is not the case with us older women as we are still of the generation that like to buy items that last. However you may be interested in some of the items that I have chosen for this week’s Fashion fixes, which are either made from re-cycled clothes or are made from sustainable fabrics.

Sustainable fashion, also called eco fashion, is a part of the growing design philosophy and trend of sustainability, the goal of which is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility. It can be seen as an alternative trend against fast fashion.

If you want to buy any of the items click on the picture to take you through to the relevant page.

Sustainable Fashion / re.sustain / Annabel and Grace at CountryWives
Re.Sustain Aiden Jet pocket t-shirt £49

Re.Sustain is one of the pioneers of sustainable clothing. They continue to increase their use and support of organic cotton – certified 100% GOTS® organic: from raw material through the manufacturing and production processes to labelling and dispatch. Organic cotton is considered to be one of the most sustainable fibres for textile production; it’s both natural and renewable whilst avoiding harmful pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

The production of organic cotton uses methods and materials that have a low impact on our environment; resulting in less soil and water contamination, less use of irrigated water, less green house gases and is GMO free. Also the cotton farmers benefit from an improved standard of living. Organic cotton garments are better for the environment, better for textile workers, better for farmers and better for you.

Sustainable Fashion / Matt and Nat / Annabel and Grace at CountryWives
Matt and Nat – Acacia wedge £98

Matt & Nat produce vegan bags and shoes made out of PU with linings made from plastic bottles. They are committed to not using leather or any other animal-based materials in their designs. Their styles are on trend and a fraction of the price of the equivalent in leather.

Sustainable Fashion / Charles and Keith / Annabel and Grace at CountryWives
Charles and Keith Hobo bag £69

Charles & Keith are also green warriors and produce a fabulous range of bags that are smart, durable, and well-made. I have one of their bags made out of PU which is an organic fabric and have had lots of compliments. I am very proud to tell friends who admire it that it is not leather as I think this is the way we must go if we are to save our planet.

Sustainable Fashion / Turtle Doves / Annabel and Grace at CountryWives
Turtle Doves cashmere wrap £79
Sustainable Fashion / Turtle Doves / Annabel and Grace at CountryWives
Turtle Doves wrist warmers £24 – £34

Turtle Doves is a British design and manufacturing company, specialising in using post-consumer textile waste to create beautiful new garments & accessories. You may think that you don’t need cashmere accessories as we head into April however I have found wrist warmers a perfect antidote to cold winds when I am wearing a ¾ sleeved shirt. Alternatively one of their cashmere wraps will get lots of use if summer turns out to be less than tropical particularly in the evenings!

Sustainable Fashion / Hope Fashion / Annabel and Grace at CountryWives
Hope Fashion cashmere poncho £150

In my latest fashion post Nayna McIntosh of  Hope Fashion has a cashmere poncho made from re-cycled wool that is extremely useful as well as being stylish to wear over a tee-shirt or blouse. It comes in a soft denim blue too. The cashmere Hope fashion use in this item comes from a family-run firm in Prato, Italy, which uses cutting-edge technology to extract the beautiful cashmere fibres from pre-worn pieces and re-spin it into yarn using 5% other fibres. Unlike most ponchos it has sleeve armholes so it does not fall off your shoulders.

Sustainable Fashion / Thought / Annabel and Grace at CountryWives
Thought Knit Top £59.90
Sustainable Fashion / Thought / Annabel and Grace at CountryWives
Thought cropped Sailor pant £49.90

Finally Thought value doing the right thing and want to feel good about everything they touch. That means they work ethically. From the fabrics they use, to how they design and make and deliver their garments. They think about every impact their business has. And it’s with the greater aim of minimising their environmental footprint.

We’re also proud supporters of slow fashion, which is why we design clothing intended to last. We hope the contemporary, easy-to-wear pieces will become your favourites. The clothes we love wearing most will last longer with good care. Which is why we created our mantra. “Wear me, love me, mend me, pass me on.” It’s a reminder to look after what we own. Feel free to make this motto yours, too.

Unlike many other ‘slow fashion’ manufacturers the clothes by Thought actually are fashionable so they have managed to combine the two, style with sustainability.

More manufacturers are moving towards sustainable fashion so we need to support them. Another small way to save the planet.

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Linda Holdaway
Linda Holdaway
5 years ago

Love the idea of sustainability. Pickles and Lillies is a small ethical children’s shop in Lavenham Suffolk, and on line, which is run on the much the same principles. Organic, “green” cotton clothing, wooden toys from sustainable forests, organic British made baby products and gifts, even paper bags to take your purchases home! Fab gifts and items for grannies to buy…… ! Take a look.