Three Beauty Products I Have Just Found & Are Now Favourites

Three New Beauty Products

Recently I have found three new beauty products that have become my bathroom cupboard staples. My criterion for getting a coveted place in my bathroom cupboard is that they have to work. They must do what they say on the tin.

Philosophy The Microdelivery Triple Acid Brightening Peel Pads
Beauty products - Philosophy Microdelivery Peel - John Lewis £59.50
Philosophy Microdelivery Peel – John Lewis £59.50

So my first of three beauty products that I have discovered: Philosophy The Microdelivery Triple Acid Brightening Peel Pads. These are pads soaked in an advanced triple-acid formula that dissolves and sweeps away dull, dead skin cells and impurities. The result: skin tone and clarity appear improved and fine lines, diminished. Plus, a unique skin-brightening technology visibly reduces the appearance of dark spots and discolouration, for a revitalised, luminous complexion.

So that is the ‘gumph’ on the packet but I have to say that my skin is brighter the day after using one of these pads. They are £59.50 for a box of 12 so a bit expensive but I only use them the night before a big event or if my skin is looking tired. I have no idea if all my dead skin cells are swept away but I can tell you that my skin is smoother and I can apply make-up much more easily.

The Hayo’u Method
Beauty products - Hayo'u Method Beauty Restorer £35
Hayo’u Method Beauty Restorer £35

My second of three beauty products is a tool called the Hayo’u Method. Inspired by Chinese medicine, Hayo’u is a ground-breaking self-treatment method which enables you to master your health. I use The Beauty Restorer™ which is made from Xiuyan jade. This type of jade has been used in Chinese facial massage for thousands of years and revered for its restorative, cooling properties.

This ingenious skincare technique comprises three iconic Chinese techniques: Àn fa (press-hold), Gua sha (press-stroke) and Acupressure (press-turn). Together, they deliver healthy, radiant skin after just one minute of use. It’s easy, inexpensive, combines with all existing beauty routines and is completely natural. My jawline is definitely tighter and I am sure that drawing blood to my face in a completely natural way must improve the skin and restore its health. I am now addicted and cannot go to bed without a session. It only takes one minute and I use it once I have applied oil. Click HERE to purchase.

“After 50 seconds I looked in the mirror and was astonished […] my cheekbones, eyebrows and jawline had tightened and lifted”. Lisa Armstrong, Telegraph Fashion Director

Trinny London Skin Perfector
Beauty products - Trinny London Skin Perfector
Trinny London Skin Perfector £35

My third and final beauty product is for my make-up bag. I have tried the Trinny London range of make-up as I always think Trinny looks fabulous. She happily admits to having Botox and has even shared online a film of her having the injections. That being said I think she has wonderful skin and her make-up always looks immaculate. I love the concept of her make-up i.e. little pots of make-up that click together… so easy to transport. However it is her Skin Perfector that I love with an SPF 30. It can be worn alone on those days when you just do not want to wear any foundation or concealer – on dog walks or when you go to the gym. It just gives you a glow and smooths out many skin perfections. It can also be worn under Trinny’s concealer. I am Light-Medium in Trinny’s Skin Perfector but do a Match-to-Me to find out what shade will suit you. Click here or on the pic to purchase.

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4 years ago

Just love your blog, on line magazine fabulous
Hey have you both come down to earth after your wonderful and well earned Reward.
Well done!
Bye for now from a chilly but sunny Wales.
Love Pamela fro Wales x

4 years ago

PS you both looked stunning in your dresses,you knock spots of any woman 10 yrs younger!
Pam from Wales x