The Crown will fill the Royal gap left by Victoria

Many of us are currently engrossed with the TV series, Victoria, as we love a good costume drama however I have to say, having blubbed my way through the last 10 minutes of last week’s episode when Victoria lost two of her top fans and supporters, Dash (her spaniel) and the very sexy, smouldering Lord M, I am worried that it will not keep my patronage for the full 8 episodes. I know that Rufus Sewell gave this historical character a touch of youth and glamour that may have made full use of the writer’s artistic license however it kept me and many of my girlfriends engaged. Wow Rufus is an under-recognised actor so please can we see more of him on our screens. He certainly lights up my screen!

So when Victoria series 2 concludes in 5 weeks time we may well be bereft so I have good news as The Crown series 2 launches on Netflix in early December.

The Crown season 2

Now where Victoria may fall short in terms of reality and maybe a little too much CGI, The Crown is as real as it comes. Beautifully filmed using stunning locations, very well cast with enough of a hint of the real character as to believe its authenticity. Clare Foy and Matt Smith have lit up our screens with their portrayal of the Queen and Prince Philip. However this new series will take us up to 1963/4 and both Foy and Smith will depart the series after season two. Peter Morgan, the show’s creator, has revealed that the Queen, Prince Philip and the royals will be recast for seasons three and four to account for the characters’ advancing ages.

Peter Morgan has said that there will be a stronger focus on the young Prince Charles. “We start to focus on Charles as a young boy and his education, and on Philip and his back story,” he said.

Netflix has officially confirmed that The Crown season two will premiere globally on Friday December 8 2017.