The Great British Menu – seventies style

Having invited several friends over for supper, we were pondering our menu. It may have been because I have just bought a maxi dress which my family have nicknamed ‘the Nana Mouskouri”, or because Husband has recently taken to wearing colourful shirts, or because we had a succulent prawn cocktail when we were recently in Salcombe. Whatever the impetus, we decided on The Great British Menu for our guests. Vol au vents, Prawn Cocktail, steak and Black Forest Gateau. We bunged on some Bee Gees and were ready to rock and roll. Here are the recipes (I use that term loosely as there was lot of cheating going on!)

The Great British MenuVol au Vents – freezer cabinet of the local supermarket for the pastry cases, ready made egg mayo (the type sold for making sandwiches) – but added a couple of extra flavours.

Spiced Egg Mayo vol au vents

Ingredients for 18 pieces
18 frozen vol-au-vent cases
270g pot of ready made egg mayonnaise sandwich filling
2 level tsp mild or medium curry powder
Tspn turmeric
4 spring onions, finely chopped
Tbspn sultanas
Squeeze lemon juice
Mango chutney

How to prepare
Put the egg mayo in a bowl and mix in the curry powder, spring onions, coriander, lemon juice and some seasoning. Chill until ready to use. Divide between 18 vol-au-vent cases and top with a small dollop of mango chutney.
Recipe from Good Food magazine, June 2012

Prawn Cocktail – for the first time in years I actually bought an iceberg lettuce. Renowned for being crispy but tasteless, it just had to be done! Fresh lemon wedges, a sprinkling of sumac and buttered seeded brown bread with the crusts removed, all enhanced the plump juiciness of the prawns.

The Beef – well, it just had to be steak and chips served with petit pois and warmed Diane Sauce  (ready made from good old M&S).

The Great British MenuEasy Black Forest Gateau – this is heaven in my book… the perfect combo of cherries, Kirsch, moist chocolate sponge and lashings of whipped cream. Click here for my recipe (yes, I actually made this course and you can too because it’s not much effort for such a crowd pleasing dessert).