The Joy Club: a Membership Website for People who have retired

One of the few upsides of this pandemic is that we, slightly older women, have, in the main, embraced technology and the internet in particular. Many of us are living on our own and so meeting up with people online is a necessity. Boredom is also an issue of being in lockdown so we need new ideas to stimulate us. Finally we always need ‘joy’ in our lives so when I heard about The Joy Club I immediately welcomed the idea of an online club for retirees that suggests products and activities at discounted prices. There is a recent addition of some free classes – keep reading until end of article.

The Joy Club - a membership website for anyone over 65

The Joy Club is a membership website for retired people that helps members to save more, so they can afford to do more. 

Hannah Thomson, founder


The Joy Club’s founder, Hannah Thomson, was struck by how – as a society – we are not doing enough to support people in later life. Right now, we treat age-related illness only once it takes hold, often extending life expectancy at the expense of quality of life.

Instead, we should be focusing on keeping people well for as long as possible, and ensuring that everyone can enjoy an active retirement. Sadly, budget is often a huge barrier to us remaining active and independent in our later years, meaning that a healthy lifestyle may seem like a luxury we can’t afford.

That’s why Hannah created The Joy Club – a membership site that supports members to afford a more active retirement. Members gain access to a wide variety of activities that support their physical and mental wellbeing – all at a deep discount (and sometimes even for free!) – meaning that a limited budget won’t get in the way of enjoying your retirement.

The Joy Club launched at the beginning of December 2020 and it has much to offer. I have tried it out and found it stimulating because it introduced me to ideas and activities that would help me get through the next few months and beyond.

Enjoy one month of FREE Premium membership (normally £5 a month) which will give you unlimited access to all our sessions and will enable you to join the conversation in the comments section of our articles and videos and chat with other members. Use code A&GBONUSJOYclick here to join

Whilst I am not yet retired (they let me in under the radar so that I could review it) I welcome the Joy Club for anyone who has retired as a wonderful addition to the online community that is growing daily. Any website that is pro-age is a friend of ours and we will continue to watch as The Joy Club expands.

Read Grace’s blog on The Joy Club website for the low down on how and why A&G came into being

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Carol Wakeman
Carol Wakeman
1 month ago

Hello I have a lady who is 55, has had an accident and is not very mobile and would really benefit from this. Would she be eligible to join. I am Carol from Active Essex, looking for suitable things to help this lady become more mobile. Many thanks Carol

Annabel & Grace
1 month ago
Reply to  Carol Wakeman

Hi Carol. Most of the activities are online so so long as your friend has an ipad or computer she’ll be able to enjoy the activities. Has she thought of doing chair yoga by any chance? Good for body and mind! Best wishes, Grace