The Pilates PRO chair™ has made home workouts so easy

If the last 18 months has taught us anything it is that we need to do all that we can to keep in good health. And this means the dreaded ‘E’ word – Exercise.

Up until Covid-19 hit us I was a gentle exerciser. I did yoga a couple of times a week and did daily dog walks mainly with girlfriends and their dogs so they were a gentle meander. Then Covid hit – dog walks with friends were not permitted so I decided if I wasn’t to turn into a couch potato with an increasing waist measurement then I needed to do a bit more than gentle. My daughters turned to online workouts but it just happened that I had recently reviewed thePilates PRO chair™ and having done Pilates in the past I knew that this compact little machine could be my answer.

The Pilates PRO chair™


Back in my younger days I had been to the Alan Herdman studio in London. So I had learned Pilates from the expert on a Pilates Reformer bed. Since then I have never found Pilates mat work comparable. Plus living in the country, studios with Reformer beds are few and far between.

The joy of the Pilates PRO chair™ is that you can do a full Pilates workout in your home. The time-saving element really appealed to me. To be able to fall out of bed and just do a 30 minute work out and then get showered was perfect.

As I said I know Pilates works because I have done it before. However for those that are new to Pilates and to the Pilates PRO chair™ I will explain a little.

The Pilates PRO chair™ is a derivative of Joseph Pilates’ (creator of Pilates) Wunda chair. What has been done with this chair is build upon Joseph’s original concept to make the Pilates PRO chair™ a modern, sleek, portable, professional piece of equipment for the at-home user.

The Pilates PRO chair™ is a serious piece of equipment that takes some time to get comfortable on. It is easy to assemble and does not need a degree in engineering or any tools. It comes with an instruction booklet and four exercise DVDs. I chose the Total Dream Body Workout DVD which was simple to follow. The instructor bore a striking resemblance to Jennifer Aniston and she was very clear with her instructions and as she looked so trim and toned I felt inspired to follow her. After following this DVD for a week I was able to complete the exercise programme without it.

Pilates has always been about the setting up of the exercise i.e. a little adjustment of the angle of the feet on the pedal will engage a different set of muscles so following a dvd is not only useful but essential.

The instruction booklet suggests incorporating a couple of days of walking for some extra cardio but I already do that with my dogs. The only issue I had was with the 10 day meal guide as it is very American. However I think we all know how to eat healthily so of course if you combine a good diet with this Pilates PRO chair™ exercise programme then it will be even more beneficial.


Now we come to the price. It is currently available fromPilates PRO chair™ for £159 (the RRP is £598) Now with FREE UK shipping PACKAGE INCLUDES: Life’s a Beach Pilates PRO Chair MAX, 2 springs, 2 sculpting handles, 6 workout videos, makeover guide. This is probably equivalent to a 3 – 4 month gym membership which is how I worked it out. I think by laying out that sort of money you would feel obliged to use it.

The bottom line is that the Pilates PRO Chair™ will work for those that take the time to make the most of its mechanisms and workouts, and will make sure that it was money well spent.

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