The Storyteller: Jodi Picoult

The Storyteller: Jodi PicoultBook description: Sage Singer has a past that makes her want to hide from the world. Sleeping by day and working in a bakery by night, she kneads her emotion into the beautiful bread she bakes.

But when she strikes up an unlikely friendship with Josef Weber, a quiet man old enough to be her grandfather, and respected pillar of the community, she feels that finally, she may have found someone she can open up to.

Until Josef tells her the evil secret he’s kept for sixty years.

Caught between Josef’s search for redemption and her shattered illusions, Sage turns to her family history and her own life for answers. As she uncovers the truth from the darkest horrors of war, she must follow a twisting trail between betrayal and forgiveness, love and revenge. And ask herself the most difficult question she has ever faced – can murder ever be justice? Or mercy?

Review by Annabel’s youngest daughter: 

Once again Jodi Picoult did not disappoint. As one of my favourite authors I always start each of her books with a certain level of trepidation, as I worry that it won’t live up to her previous ones, but this was not necessary, as once again she produced an intense piece of writing that kept me on my toes right until the end where she finished with her signature twist of plot. The different storylines that run parallel to each other, like pieces of thread, weaving closer and closer together as the book progresses, keep you captivated throughout, as you are always waiting for the moment when they all come together in a final crescendo. For anyone that enjoys Jodi Picoult, or similar authors, this is a must read.