The sun is shining, life is good

The sun is shining, life is goodWell the sun is once again shining and my spirits have lifted. I always adore this time of year anyway – the signs of Spring are definitely here and more sunny days. I am not sure if it is because my divorce has finally been finalised, but I feel as though a great weight has lifted – I am back to full health and definitely have a spring in my step and a smile on my face.

I have resolved not to go down the internet route again – EVER!! It does nothing for my self esteem and I just end up feeling miserable and it is sooooo time consuming! I am happy with my life and happy inside my soul, which I haven’t been for a VERY long time.

The sun is shining, life is goodBFF and I went away for a weekend break (long story – she booked it for her and her man, but they split up, so she asked me. They are now back together but I still get to go -RESULT!) It was in Corsham – a beautiful little town where I discovered they film Poldark. We walked around Corsham Court (see photograph) and enjoyed their gardens – a riot of colour already with magnificent magnolias in full bloom – bleating lambs and warm Cotswold stone. The sun is shining, life is goodIf only Cap’n Poldark himself had been there to welcome me with open arms, my weekend would have been complete!! The following morning after a hearty full English (delicious), we headed off to Lacock where they filmed – among a host of things – Larkrise to Candleford and parts of Harry Potter. It is just sooo quaint and the village is owned by the National Trust. We meandered for ages – quirky little shops and then the stunning Abbey before stopping at a beautiful pub for – unbelievably – a full Sunday roast. Good job weekends like this are rare!
I am now getting final works done on my little cosy home.  New floorings, an update to the bathrooms and some work in the garden. I feel so settled here. It feels like I have been here for such a long time – in reality less than 18 months. I’m working flat out – we having been trying to recruit two new members at work which mean extra hours to be covered, plus the normal run of sickness and holidays, so I have been really busy there. I have also started volunteering at the local hospice and the local theatre – they will both be fulfilling additions to my life and I have already met such wonderful people.

Life is suddenly good – I speak with both my boys regularly and enjoy their news and stories. My life is filling again and the sun is shining – watch out world I’m comin’ back at you!!

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Karen H
Karen H
7 years ago

Good for you!! Hopefully I’ll get to your stage soon – I’m enjoying being single again already, but I am not quite at the content with the world stage as yet – it’s just sooo difficult with two small-ish (4 & 5) children, no help in any way from the ex, and full time work!