THIS™ – plant-based food for meat lovers. THIS™ isn’t bacon & chicken

I have a few vegetarians in our family, plus a husband that is Jewish so bacon has long been off my shopping list. Nothing replaces bacon – it is a unique taste. Then along came THIS™ Isn’t Bacon – plant-based bacon rashers.

A packet of THIS™ isn't bacon

They are so delicious, even my husband is eating them as he says they taste like Pastrami. The rest of us are overjoyed that we have found a bacon substitute that tastes like bacon and is healthy too. Let’s face it we all know that bacon is not the healthiest meat in the world.

It is ready-to-cook (Ridiculously) high in protein and is fortified with vitamin B12 & iron, nitrate free, low in fat. and salt. It is proudly GMO-free and is suitable for vegetarians & vegans.

THIS™ was created by two ex-burger chain founders who used their in-depth knowledge and love of meat to replicate it. They set out to make hyper-realistic plant-based food that mimics meat in taste, texture and appearance…..but properly. And the best news is that they have succeeded.

They also manufacture a range of chicken substitutes in their ready-to-eat range: goujons with breadcrumbs or with rosemary breadcrumb, dark soy and garlic pieces or with sea-salt and cracked black pepper. The last one I am addicted to. I made a Caesar salad for friends and they had no idea that it was not chicken. At the end I proudly said, “THIS™ isn’t Chicken Caesar Salad.” Confusion reigned until I explained and one of my friends is a die-hard meat eater who is now converted to THIS™.

In their ready-to-cook chicken range they have Tikka pieces, Rotisserie pieces and BBQ pieces. Spoilt for choice!

THIS™ products are now in over 2000 stores and restaurants (including Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado, and Honest Burger) but I get it delivered by my milkman from Milk & More. If you don’t know about Milk & More have a read of my article HERE.