The Time of Their Lives – a film for the ‘grey pound’

Grace came to stay as we had a couple of days of vlogs and photoshoots so we decided to gather a gaggle of girls to go and see the new Joan Collins and Pauline Collins (not related) film, The Time of Their Lives. We had decided that this was a film for the female ‘grey pound’ and not one for our OHs.

We enjoy going to the Showcase Deluxe in Winnersh with its very relaxed bar for our pre-film G&T and the large grey leather seats that recline into a near-bed position! It means that if you don’t like the film you can have a very comfortable nap without your head falling onto the shoulder of your neighbour.

The trailer for this film that we had seen on previous cinema visits leads one to believe that this is a comedy – two ladies on a fun-filled adventure. However it is quite a sad film as Joan Collins plays a has-been and forgotten Hollywood film star, Helen, who is now penniless and stuck in a nursing home. She is still glamorous however very frustrated with her life and not feeling that life is over yet. Helen meets, accidentally, Priscilla (Pauline Collins) who is in a hapless marriage to a grumpy old man, Frank (Ronald Pickup). Priscilla reluctantly falls in to helping Helen attend the funeral, in France, of an old friend and a Hollywood film director. They set off to the Île de Ré and things do not go smoothly until they meet Alberto (Franco Nero), an eccentric Italian painter. This is a bit of a lightbulb moment in all of their lives, when each of them tries to grab a moment of happiness.

I was impressed by both Joan Collins and Pauline Collins, not for their acting ability but for the fact they bared it all to their audience – wrinkles, poor hair and whilst Joan looked fabulous to start with, as the film continued there was nothing glamorous about their parts and we all felt the pathos. Even Joan with her fabulous looks had morphed into the ‘invisible woman’ as time had passed. The film is meant to appeal to the ‘grey pound’, much like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. However whilst the latter film leaves one uplifted, The Time of Their Lives leaves one feeling despondent.

However there was one ‘big’ highlight when Franco Nero bares it all but in a different way! Don’t be caught napping then as it is quite impressive…I will not say anymore!

Would I recommend it? The first half is slow but if you don’t go expecting too much there is a lot of fun and amusing moments to be enjoyed.