Top 10 storecupboard essentials

These are the ingredients I would be lost without…what are yours?

Top 10 storecupboard essentialsGREY SALT (fleur de sel) expensive but oh so worth it
CHILLI FLAKES add a kick to everything!
BAKED BEANS on toasted sourdough (always keep a loaf in the freezer) with a fried egg plonked on top (perfect Sunday night supper)
PARMESAN a tiny amount has far reaching flavour (and rinds are great in soups/stews)
HOT HORSERADISH SAUCE add some to half fat creme fraiche, loosen with a little hot water – hey presto, a tasty low calorie salad dressing
Top 10 storecupboard essentials Top 10 storecupboard essentials Top 10 storecupboard essentialsANCHOVIES amazing base to enrich the flavours of so many dishes
REDCURRANT JELLY – use in sandwiches instead of mayo, or add to gravy and casseroles and a blob on the side of your plate is brilliant with roast chicken.
TINNED CHERRY TOMATOES more fun than plum tomatoes!
MAPLE SYRUP adds a special low calorie sweetness to fresh fruit
KETCHUP Heinz of course

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8 years ago

Balsamic vinegar, Quinoa, wasabi rice cakes, nut butter!

Annabel & Grace
8 years ago
Reply to  Annabel

Balsamic – brilliant addition. Please bring wasabi rice cake and nut butter for me to try when you come to see me this week! G xx

Sharon Hanna
Sharon Hanna
8 years ago

Emeril Legasse’s seasoning…use it in everything. Yummy. Red pepper flakes…any casserole taste better with it! I don’t buy Heinz katsup…just because I don’t like Teresa Heinz Kerry! So..I buy any other brand. I love Grey Poupon mustard on sammies….and I always have some kind of deli meat in my fridge for sammies or just as a snack. I need all the protein I can get. Let see..what else…oh….black olives! I am never without black olives. And…lemons! On Sunday mornings I make buttermilk biscuits with white gravy! One more thing….Bailey’s Irish Creme liquor in tiny little bottles…so cute and sooooo good in my Sunday morning coffee!

Annabel & Grace
8 years ago
Reply to  Sharon Hanna

Wow! That’s a good list! Agree about black olives and lemons – also limes (excellent in so many things, particularly half a seeded papaya, filled with juice of half lime, a teaspoon of brown sugar and freshly chopped red chilli to taste – absolutely yum!). Thanks for contributing Sharon, much appreciated. Lovely to hear from you. Best wishes, Grace