Top Gift Products that will give inspiration for Christmas

We have finally decided to bite the bullet and start talking about Christmas though it feels decidedly un-festive around here. However if you are in lockdown then it might be a good time to get ahead with your gift buying before the Christmas rush. We hope that some of the products that we mention here will bring you inspiration with your Christmas gift buying.


A fabulous range of home fragrances make these a brilliant Christmas gift especially with the exclusive Annabel & Grace discount.

25% discount on diffusers with code AG25

We have been loyal devotees of this range due to the unusual fragrances which appeal to everyone. They are not overpowering and the fragrance lingers throughout your home. Some time ago, BL (before lockdown) we had a chat with Jayne Kethro, the founder and creative director, for one of our podcasts. She explained to us the inspiration for starting her company and the stories behind the exotic fragrances. Click HERE to listen.

Finally all I can add is that anyone who has been given a TLondon home fragrance never looks back. Try for yourself.

To go to the T London website click HERE.


Renowned designer of tableware and kitchen linen Sophie Allport has so many other strings to her bow as I have recently discovered. Her range now includes beautiful faux flowers, clothing – nightwear, slippers, socks, jumpers, hats & scarves, bedding and so much more. It is a brilliant website to visit and get inspiration from particularly at this time of year. And guess what we have a discount code for our readers.

15% discount with code AG15 (valid until end of 2020)

Go to the Sophie Allport website click HERE.


With six children of his own, author Mike Molloy is never short of inspiration for his children’s stories. All are based on real characters in his life – don’t ever cross him or you might be the next to star in a story – and real everyday events.

His ‘Name & the Skinny Monkey’ series of books has been written to help little people through what can be difficult times in their lives: everything from their first trip to the dentist and first injection, to learning how to deal with bullies at school.

His daughter Ruby, now aged 15, was the original lead character, and his stories were initially written for and about her, to help her through small, possibly worrying occurrences in her life, like going to hospital to have an operation. 

Seeing how much they helped Ruby, Mike decided to make the stories available to all children – and make it possible for any child to be cast in the lead role. Each book is personalised so that the story is told from the child’s perspective. The child’s name features on the front cover and throughout the book; they are the star of their own story, accompanied by the ever faithful ‘Skinny Monkey’ on the next big adventure – there’s even a photo of them inside the book. 

“It can be scary, when you’re little, to go through what may seem like minor things to grown-ups, so having a story that deals with everything from injections to going to the dentist, is a huge help to any child. 

Imagine being given a book that not only has your name in it, making you the star of the story, but the character even looks like you and to top it all off, your photo is inside the book! 

Children receiving a book like this will treasure it and read it over and over again; it will never end up in the discarded pile of unwanted ted books in the corner of their bedroom,” says Mike. 

There are eight stories to choose from, each tackling a potentially challenging moment in a child’s life, or topic Mike feels is important for children to have on their radar, such as ‘it’s ok to be different’. They enable grown-up and child to sit together to read about and ultimately talk about something that will seem a lot less troubling, once discussed out loud.

Mike also strongly believes that by personalising books you not only help a little person overcome a worry or impart an important message, you also give them the gift of literacy, the beginning of a love of books that will set them on a path that will see them experience the joy of a good book for the rest of their lives. 

“Having had problems with reading as child I know how awful it is, the teasing, the hiding, the embarrassment; it’s cruel and in this day and age, it’s just so unnecessary. Personalised books given to the smallest of children will spark an interest in books that will never leave them.”

Each personalised book in ‘Name & the Skinny Monkey’ series costs 
£24.99, but check out the discount code below, and is available from

20% discount code ~ MMAG20 (valid until Xmas)


Grace and I are firm fans of Silver Pink. We both love their knitwear, particularly their Long Trim Cardigan as it is flattering as well as feminine. However this Christmas I am going to share a slice of Silver Pink with some of my family and girlfriends. Their Floral Vibrant scarves or any one of their gift sets would cheer all of my female friends after the miserable year that 2020 has been. Any knitwear or one of the Silver Pink bobble hats is always going to be welcomed during these upcoming winter months. I put on one of the bobble hats and now can’t take it off as it brings a smile to everyone even behind the masks of today I can spot the cheer it has brought!

10% discount & free P&P code ~ A&G10

Go to the Silver Pink website – click HERE.

Have a watch of our video chatting about these Christmas gifts…..