Top lockdown products: Value for money = money well spent

Hi. Grace here. Being stuck at home has given me plenty of time to try out a few new products which I think may be of interest to you. They are all, in my humble opinion, value for money and therefore money well spent.

The Hay-Band

Hayfever sufferer? My 27 year old son Hugo definitely is. So yesterday I gave him a hay-band which he put on as instructed and literally five minutes later he had stopped sneezing and his eyes had stopped watering. It really was remarkable. Drug free and re-usable, the hay-band works using the principals of acupressure by stimulating the QuiChi point on the elbow. Hugo says ” It stopped my hayfever almost immediately. It was comfortable to wear and I prefer this to taking pills or using a nasal spray. Great bit of kit.MORE INFO

Root touch up

Well we’re probably not literally tearing our hair out about our root re-growth, but every woman I chat to these days talks about how much they are missing their hairdresser. I’ll be looking at what we can all do at home to improve our precious locks on a DIY basis – watch this space. In the meantime, if you are wondering how to tackle your highlighted roots, I may have a solution. While tidying my bathroom cabinet the other day, I found this John Frieda root touch up in a dusty corner. With rather too much excitement, I used the angled fibre tip brush on my roots and hey presto, it works. It’s very easy to apply and doesn’t feel claggy. Available in different shades and each application lasts until your next shampoo. MORE INFO

M&S food boxes

M&S has a selection of food boxes for home delivery – vegetarian, meat, vegetables and the seasonal fruit featured here. You can add a message if you fancy sending a box to a friend or relative as a gift. MORE INFO

Antibacterial liquid soap

As we are all washing our hands much more frequently these days, I thought you might be interested in a new antibacterial product from the Natural Washing Company. Annabel has been trying it out and has been giving me glowing reports as to its effectiveness and wonderful aromatic smell (rosemary and tea tree).

Kind to your skin and contains essential oils (definitely no harsh chemicals) that have been scientifically tested to kill pathogenic bacteria including MRSA. Currently on offer if you buy multiple packs MORE INFO

Ultra-hydrating salve

If, like me, you also have very dry, flaky skin then you may like to try a hand cream from a brand called Hydrosil. I have been using their Turmeric Butter & Hypoallergenic Milk Salve on my hands over the last few weeks and have noticed a distinct improvement. They look less wrinkly and are definitely more moisturised. I simply love using it – from the practical packaging, the pleasant fragrance, the fast absorption – and, of course, because it works. 100% organic/vegan, suitable for vegans and one to note if you suffer from very dry, slow to heal or irritated skin (including eczema). MORE INFO

Personalised dressing gown

Bumble, one of our fabulous guest contributors, thought we might like a heads up on personalised dressing gowns from King of Cotton. Her daughter, Flossie, pictured above is wearing one (a replacement of her previous one that lasted an impressive 7 years). The price was around £40. The personalised embroidery is done beautifully. Treat yourself or a loved one – they make great gifts. Flossie says that she’s now ‘isolating in style’ and can stay snug day and night. MORE INFO

Keep calm and…

I have long been a fan of M&S Apothecary range. It is great quality and very reasonably priced – two things that usually don’t go hand in hand. Was delighted when I saw they have added a body wash and so snapped one up immediately. Am delighted with it as very similar to a much more expensive brand in terms of quality and fragrance – which is a combo of lavender oils and clary sage. MORE INFO

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