Top Products: Underwear, plants, dog accessories, Gin & a special offer

One of the reasons we set up Annabel & Grace online magazine in 2010 was to share all those excellent ideas that we find out about when chatting with our friends. This sort of information is invaluable as it’s all about someone like you passing on really useful knowledge. This week I have found a very varied selection from a dog tracker to Sweet Pea seedlings. Everything that we recommend we have either tried or a friend has given us a glowing review.

UBeauty offer

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I have written articles about the three skincare products by UBeauty, which are award-winning and really do work. They are the products I now go to when my skin is needing a bit of extra help. Their latest product – the Arm Sculpt is a miracle in a bottle.

Click HERE to read my reviews. However, I wanted to alert you to the UBeauty offer that went live on 28th April and only runs through to 5th May.

Buy the 50ml duo (moisturiser & resurfacing compound) – get the Arm Sculpt free
Buy the 50ml Super Hydrator – get the 15ml Resurfacing Compound free
Buy the 50ml Resurfacing Compound – get the 15ml Super Hydrator free

It is a good time to try out one of the other products plus the 15 ml sizes are perfect for travelling.

Click HERE to go to the UBeauty shop for this offer.


We asked The Page Turner (Jane) if she would like to review Playtex bras and knickers as we are already converted to their brand and so we thought you might like a totally independent review.

Jane’s review:


I have not spent much time buying underwear and have tended to go by cost and appearance and never stuck to one brand. So I was pleasantly surprised when asked to try Playtex’s FLOWER ELEGANCE in white with matching knickers.

I noticed the change straight away. The bra was a perfect fit and gave me an immediate change in shape. I’ve worn it under dresses, tee shirts and jumpers and each time I have loved the look it has given me. The knickers I chose are attractive and give me enough support to give me a smooth line under jeans and dresses.

I shall definitely be sticking to buying Playtex in the future.

Annabel: I also tried out their Perfect Silhouette set and found it once again fitted me perfectly. Wearing the Playtex bras means I am comfortable all day and not wanting to take my bra off after a day out. Even their underwired bras are very comfortable. Also, the wide choice of sizes really helps one get the right size. They seem to last forever, and I am now the proud owner of at least 4 Playtex bras.

There is a wide range of colours in this style and they can be bought from Amazon. Click HERE.

To go to the Playtex website click HERE.

Hetty’s Herbs

Buying herbs in packets from the supermarket is an expensive hobby, and they do not last long even if you wrap them in a damp kitchen towel before placing them in the fridge (a tip a chef taught me). Growing them yourself is enjoyable, and if you look after them well, they will keep giving. However, buying herbs at a garden centre can be hazardous as they are often not looked after as well as the floral plants, maybe because they are not spectacular to look at. However, I was recommended Hetty’s Herbs, and I ordered a selection and the healthiest and strongest plants arrived, so I am thrilled with them.

To go to Hetty’s Herbs and plants website, click HERE.

The Real Flower Co Sweet Pea seedlings

I love Sweet Peas – the colours and the divine fragrance. Every year I attempt to grow them, but without a greenhouse, it is fairly tricky. Then I discovered that The Real Flower Co sold pots of Sweet Pea seedlings ready to be planted in the garden now that the weather is a little warmer. I have received mine, and they are all planted around an obelisk so let’s hope for some success this year as last year my Sweet Peas were weak.

To go to The Real Flower Co website, click HERE.

Tractive dog tracker

Do you have a dog that disappears on a walk? I have two that once they get the scent of another animal, squirrels, rabbits or deer, they are gone, but they do eventually come back. However, the interim period is quite scary, as I always imagine the worst. I have now bought a Tractive dog tracker, and I get updates on my phone every 2-3 seconds. It works off GPS, is weatherproof and once charged, the battery lasts 5 days. It attaches to a collar, which seems very robust, so I have had no problems with it. You can also add an imaginary ring-fence to your garden on the app, so if your dog strays outside of this area, your phone will beep.

The initial payment is £44.99 and then you pay a fee of £3.75 p.m. It has given me peace of mind as there have been so many dog thefts in our area recently. I cannot put a price on that safety aspect.

For more info go to the Tractive website ~ click HERE.

Pinkster Gin in cardboard box

I absolutely love Pinkster Gin. It is totally delicious and comes in a fabulous bottle that looks good on display; however, may be put it away if you want to keep any for yourself! I have found that my friends are really into their Gin, and so as we are doing a lot of entertaining outside, I loved the idea of the Pinkster Gin in a box – Pinkster on Tap. Right now, a 3L box is reduced from £135 to £99. Perfect for a party. Click HERE to find out more.


Breathe new life into your teacup with Lady Rose tea – an award-winning tea from Ace Tea London. Untraditionally English, this elegant rose tea is bursting with a fresh floral aroma. Deep layers of black tea, rose petals and rose essence balance perfectly to create a true sensory treat. A firm favourite with tea lovers and industry experts alike, Lady Rose was awarded two coveted Gold Stars at the 2017 Guild of Fine Food ‘Great Taste Awards’. 

Enjoy hot, chilled or blended in a cocktail – Lady Rose is also perfect when paired with our Lemon Curd Tea Dunkers (£3.99 for 10). As with the rest of the Ace Tea London collection, only 100% natural ingredients go into the Lady Rose blend, and these are beautifully enrobed in specially crafted, biodegradable tea stockings. 

There are 14 flavours to choose from, and all can be served hot, chilled or mixed into a cocktail. Lady Rose tea costs £6.50 for 15 stockings and is available in the UK from leading high street outlets, including Selfridges, and online from

For A&G readers, there is 15% site wide DISCOUNT being offered ~ AG15 Offer open until end May.