Top products for Dogs because we do love to spoil them.

Nothing is too much for our dogs. We spoil and indulge them because we love them so much. So these are a few of the top products for dogs that I have bought for my dogs because only the best is good enough for them.

On the whole dog owners = dog lovers = fab people. There are the odd exceptions like the owner of the big, black dog I met recently who repeatedly punched his dog in the head for not coming to his command. I told him that if I was his dog I would not want to return to him for a thumping!


Anyway the rest of the dog owning population are a wonderful group. If you are walking your dog in an urban area or sitting at a café you will undoubtedly have people come up and chat to you or rather to your dog.

I was recently caught by my youngest son having a full-on conversation with my dogs, asking questions and answering them. Coming home after a long day and being greeted by my gorgeous boys, my two Doodles, is the most heart-warming moment. They love unconditionally, forgive us always, and are the most loyal and loving creatures. I could not be without them.

My Buddhist teacher once told me that a cuddle with your dog in the morning would set you up for the day and he is so right.

As we love our dogs so much we therefore love to indulge them so here are a few top products for dogs that I have found invaluable to enhance their comfort and lifestyle.


ALFIE & LU DOG BED: from post Top products for Dogs because we do love to spoil them.

I recently treated my dogs to one of these luxury beds from Alfie & Lu.

Alfie & Lu is a small family business run mainly by Kate under the watchful eye of Alfie, based in the North East of England. Created mainly out of her love for dogs but also a perfect opportunity to apply her creativity and passion for design.

All of their products are designed with your dog in mind, they aim to produce high quality products that are comfortable, practical and stylish. Beds that are comfortable, robust and match your home. Every design is scrutinised to the very last stitch.

The bed I bought has a memory foam mattress and I can honestly say my dogs love it. It is so comfortable you will want to sit in it with them. It has a zip in fleecy blanket which can be washed as often as you want. The whole cover also unzips but because of the fleece blanket you would not need to wash it all very often.

I have bought so many dog beds over the years but this one is really the best and my dogs agree. It comes in a smaller size which I am considering for my little dog, Yogi, however I think they like sharing.

There are other top products for dogs that Alfie & Lu sell so click on the link below to visit the website.

For more info about Alfie & Lu dog beds click HERE


The Dog Fixer at work: from post Top products for Dogs because we do love to spoil them.

If you have dog behavioural problems then this man, Aftab, is for you and your dog. His official name is The Dog Fixer though I call him the Dog Whisperer as he truly is. He trains dogs through kindness ie no aggression. He is brilliant. I used him to train my larger dog, Kobi, as he had developed an aggressive manner with some dogs ever since he was attacked by two Lurchers. Kobi also went mad when he saw dogs on TV, including animated dogs, and he would attack the TV. There were a couple of other smaller issues including recall and barking incessantly at the door bell.

Aftab spent 4 hours with Kobi and I and he sorted all of these issues out leaving me with a plan to keep up the training as it is an ongoing plan. In the end the problem was us, my husband and I, as Kobi felt he was in charge and we really did not know what to do. Aftab explained it is often the owners he has to train in how to deal with their dog.

My husband was slower to learn as it meant being a little stricter which he hates. However, because he has seen the incredible results from Aftab’s training, he is now on board. I cannot tell you how calm Kobi is now and how good he is with some simple commands. Obviously it does not all happen overnight and I have to keep up the training but he now looks to me for instruction if he is in a situation that he is not sure about.

Aftab has over 20 years experience of modifying dog behaviours and originally trained with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training. Aftab holds regular seminars on varying aspects of dog behaviour which are really worth attending.

He is based in Berkshire but will travel to wherever he is needed. Also, following training, Aftab always makes himself available if you need a quick phone consultation.

For more info about The Dog Fixer click HERE.


Cosydogs dog harnesses: from post Top products for Dogs because we do love to spoil them.

Having been told that it is better to walk your dog in a harness rather than a collar I have always bought my harnesses online from Cosydogs. However you must buy a reputable brand and preferably one that has a D clip on their back and one on their chest. I like the ones from Cosydogs as they are easy to put on and are not too bulky.

Wearing a harness means, if your dog is off-lead you can grab him quickly. It made it so much easier to train my dogs to walk on a lead when they were puppies. As the lead is attached in two places if they pull you can just gently pull the end attached to the chest and it pulls their front half round so they can’t walk easily and they are looking at you. They quickly learn to walk by your side without any aggressive pulling.

To purchase a Cosydogs dog harness from Amazon click HERE


Animology Fox Poo Kit: from post Top products for Dogs because we do love to spoil them.

My younger dog does love to roll in fox poo and wow does it smell. Where I walk it cannot be avoided so a friend recommended these products from Animology.

They are the ultimate collection of products to clean out lingering smells from your dog’s coat. They contain the award-winning fox poo shampoo, deodorising stink bomb spray & a pack of dual-sided clean sheets dog wipes. The wipes have a rough side and are a quick fix so I keep them in the car for post walks before I can do a full shampoo.

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