Top Products for February: Underwear & Hair recommendations

So unusually our top products for February are not from four different companies but two – from Playtex and two from Hairstory. Well if a company is good then why not tell you about the different products that they produce.


One of our top products for February - Playtex Secret Comfort Bra
I know this model’s a teenager but don’t think anyone wants to see 67 year old Grace wearing it!

Grace: You have to give it to Playtex. If they wanted someone to review their new Secret Comfort bra, they could have chosen someone better than me. I never wear underwired bras and would go so far as to say I avoid them like the plague. But Playtex wanted an honest review and so here I am typing this wearing it.

I can hardly believe I am saying this but, here goes: it is comfortable. Very comfortable. (I’m typing this at 8pm and have been wearing it all day). I cannot feel the underwires because they have been covered with “spacer technology fabric” – not sure what that is exactly but it works. My ribcage doesn’t feel irritated by this bra and, moreover, it gives me an impressive shape. Separating and lifting but not making me look as if my bust is coming through the doorway before the rest of me does! Available in ivory or black. £31 MORE INFO


Annabel: I am a big fan of Playtex ever since they first got in touch with us over a year ago. I have suddenly realised that it is their bras that I always reach for (I own two – Classic Micro Support & Classic Cotton Support)) when I am dressing. This time I went for the Flower Elegance Micro Collection bra and knickers set.

This summer bra comes in soft lace and microfibre. It is so comfortable that I forget I am wearing it which is how I like my bras. If I was a few decades younger I might not mind showing a hint of this ‘oh so pretty bra’ but for me it is enough knowing that I am wearing something so feminine. I like the matching pants as they fit well and are so silky in feel they do not give me a VPL. This set does come in plain white and a blue floral colourway too. £25 FOR MORE INFO

It is selling fast but if your size is not available right now then pop it in the email box for when available and they will contact you soon.


I am a huge fan of the Hairstory range and I have written about their shampoo before. Read my full review HERE.

However they now have produced a range of hair styling products that I have tried and now cannot live without. My favourite two are Lift and Wax.


This is a styling mist that is completely awesome. It does what it says it ‘lifts’ your hair at the roots and it lasts all day. I spray onto damp hair, not too much as you can build up. I then dry my hair using a styling brush on the part that needs a lift. In my case this is at the back and top of my head.

Lift has a special blend of thickening, shape-shifting resins, and fast-vanishing spirits – takes hairdressing to new heights: Help roots stand taller, plump up a ponytail, or add a little “starch” to lock in shape when heat styling. The finish? Smooth, never sticky, and always workable without tearing your hair out. 

Day 2 if my hair needs a bit of oomph ie it is a little flat after a night’s sleep then I spray a small amount onto my hairbrush and using the hairdryer on a low heat I use it where it my hair is flat.

This product makes my hair so full and because it is not sticky my hair still moves around so it looks totally naturally and not at all ‘done’.


Annabel before & after applying Hairstory Wax

My second product from Hairstory is Wax. If you have short hair then this is the one for you. This hat-proof, water-resistant shape-shifter is nothing short of brilliant. Unlike other waxes that initially work, this one keeps going all day and your hair never goes flat. It keeps your hair in shape and in place. It can also break your hair up giving it a more layered look.

Hold it together without being rigid. Help fine hair feel fuller, and bring unruly hair in line. Finally, leave the patent shine to shoes, and enjoy a low-key, matte finish.

Form Hairstory website

A tip: when you take some wax from the pot it is quite hard but warm it up in your hands and it softens up and then apply it. I can promise having tried loads of waxes this is the best one by a country mile! If you look on our Instagram feed (click HERE) for the last couple of months you will see the results of using these two products.

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Thank you for the supportive article about carers. I still support my very elderly mother,but I am now 70 and trying to have a life with my husband too. I do manage this,and I am lucky that I have a good relationship with my mother,but am sometimes envious of my friends freedom. I am ashamed to admit this,but there it is.I do appreciate the time we have together,and its just the way life is. Not moaning,but grateful for the acknowledgement