A few miscellaneous, but very handy, Top Products you may like

A quick round up of some miscellaneous – but very useful – top products. I’d like to say thank you to my lovely friends who, when we meet up, are always keen to tell me about something new that they have tried and liked so that I can share their recommendations with you…

Rubber butterflies

Like many women, I have pierced ears. I tend to, rather predictably, wear the same pair of pearl earrings every day. But the metal butterflies that hold them in place always seem to need replacing as they get loose and so increase the risk of me finding my earlobes are devoid of decoration.

Recently I invested the grand sum of £1.99 in 50 pairs of clear soft rubber butterfly backs. They arrived in a little box which now sits in my jewellery case. Although tiny, they are easy to grasp and slide onto the earring posts smoothly. And they are almost invisible if you happen to wear your hair up. They feel very secure and comfortable. As do my pearl earrings. BUY NOW There are other slightly larger ones if you prefer. 150 pairs for £6.99 MORE INFO


Thought this was a great example of a simple idea that works well.

Lensrappa is a slim leather glasses case with a protective lining and magnetic clasp that wrap and hold your spex safely. Available in 9 fab colours and presented in a smart Dundas & Burgun box, they would make a brilliant gift. £22. Rather stylish don’t you think? SHOP NOW

Shades of summer

It takes so long to have bronzed limbs (especially legs), but once you have them they seem to stay tanned until the end of the summer. If it wasn’t for this dreary weather we’re having we might have been able to start getting that golden glow. So I decided to buy a gradual moisturising tan and chose St. Tropez. It was the watermelon fragrance that hooked me. It’s actually called St Tropez Gradual Tan Watermelon Infusion Everyday Moisture Miracle Body Lotion – well done them for getting all the benefits in the product name! I agree with everything apart from the gradual… it seems to give you a tan pretty much immediately rather than over time. But am happy with the result. Using a mitt is a good idea for even coverage. Currently on offer at Boots. MORE INFO

Take a deep breath

Tina Gaudoin, the inspiring founder of Roadscents luxury car fragrances, was our Woman of the Week back in December 2018. We’ve all bought so-called air fresheners for our cars but, let’s face it, most of them smell pretty unpleasant. Not so Roadscents. Tina’s perfumes are from France and greet you every time you clamber into your car and enhance every journey. As she says: ” I wanted to make my car smell as nice as my home. So here I am with Roadscents, which I made for me and for you if you drive a car (and if you don’t, hang it in your wardrobe, your hallway or put it in your sock drawer – it’s great for that too).” With whacky names like RoseRage, Wakeupcall (my personal favourite), Godsmell and Downdog (which my son adores) they exude quality and are long lasting. Candles are a recent addition – check out the Roadscents website SHOW ME

Fabulously frothy

Whenever I go to Henley to meet up with Annabel, she always asks me the same question when I arrive… would I like a coffee. And the answer is invariably “yes please, I’m desperate for one”. As she is such a thoughtful friend, she always has my favourite Oatly Barista milk which she froths up in her Chinya machine. It makes the perfect cappuccino after the long drive from West Sussex. The froth is super creamy and thick and this nifty little machine is now on my wishlist. £39.99 MORE INFO

Two in one cup

I have known Claudia for many years and she is one of the most uplifting friends I have. Always a smile, never a frown – whether life is going smoothly or not. So when she thrust a xxxxxxxx teabag in my hand I wasn’t completely sure whether it was a joke or a real product. Weirdly, it was comforting and delish. As the blurb explains: Here’s a miraculous tea that tastes like biscuits – because when those two flavours combine, the resulting deliciousness creates a wave of happiness big enough to power an entire human being! It’s a magical mug of biscuity goodness that doesn’t get crumbs on your jumper.” Available at your local supermarket.

And, finally, not a product but something you may like to listen to on BBC Sounds. It’s a Fair Cop. I was making Prawn and Salmon burgers while listening to Radio 4 the other day and happened to hear policeman turned stand-up comedian Alfie Moore. He gets his audience to make the policing decisions as he takes them through real-life crime scenarios and I found myself roaring with laughter. So I recommend this to you as it’s educational as well as very funny.

NOTE: Roadscents fragrance #gifted