Top Products: two special treats & two comforting things

As I’m in the middle of moving house, you’ll forgive me for this rather short (but hopefully useful) post. Here are a few top products that have been brought to my attention recently which I think you may like.

Luxury cake decoration

This gets great reviews on Etsy and I think it’s a fabulous idea if you have a really special occasion coming up. Especially as there may only be six of you, instead of the usual crowd of family and friends. MORE INFO

Great value cashmere sweater

If you happen to live near a Tesco superstore check out their knitwear section as this cashmere longline V neck jumper isn’t available online. I snapped one up last year and have worn and worn it. It’s hardly pilled and has kept its (flattering) shape despite lots of hand washes. Not bad for £59. Available in several colours and with matching scarves.

Crop tops – not just for teenagers

Recommended by my sister: “I have never found a bra that I am happy with. I have been measured in a couple of lingerie departments but still never felt fully supported or comfortable. I always have the following problems: The straps are too thin and dig into my shoulders. When I take the bra off, I’m left with red marks on my skin. I have ‘back bulge’. The bra gapes at the sides. My bosoms are squashed and the cups overflow! I have a heavy bosom and my current size is 34D which is approximately a size 12.

The other day I was wandering around Marks and Spencer in the non-wired bra section when I spotted a crop bra top called Flexifit. It has fitted foam cups, wide straps and no metal clasps. I didn’t hesitate! I bought it in size 14 because it looked like my size and excitedly took it home to try on. It fits beautifully and is sooo comfortable!

I wear it all day long and don’t have to adjust it in any way at all. It stretches to my shape and holds me in place perfectly. I feel so well supported and it has boosted my confidence. I pull the bra top up over my legs and wiggle into it with minimal effort. It is a ‘no nonsense’ bra with no fiddly hooks and eyes or adjustable straps. It is machine washable and the foam cups stay in place during the wash cycle. It costs £20, comes in 5 different plain colours plus a black and white print which is really pretty. Well done and a huge thank you Marks and Spencer!” SHOP NOW

A little pick me up

We all have good days and bad days don’t we. Sometimes we wake up and all seems well with the world and we’re bursting with energy and optimism. Other days… well…. we don’t. This mug will remind you (or whoever you gift one to) are special and that people care for you every time you use it. Marvellous. MORE INFO

More product recommendations here

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1 year ago

I bought quite a few of these flextifit bra tops from m&s after reading this review… they were brilliant! Loved them and the high rise short to match… So disappointing that they have discontinued them.. WHY do m&s do that… they seemed incredibly popular… it’s terribly frustrating when you find a product you love and want to purchase forever and the shops stop selling them…

Annabel & Grace
1 year ago
Reply to  Jayne

Hi Jayne. Am as disappointed as you as I live in those flexifit crop tops.Perhaps they will come back in stock… fingers crosssed! Best wishes, Grace