Top tips for eye skin care for mature skin: much needed during the winter

When it comes to eyes, fine lines and wrinkles are the biggest concern for 85% of women over 50. As we are now having to wear masks, possibly for the foreseeable future, then eyes are so important as they will be the only area of our face that is on show. As always we, at A&G, focus on skincare for mature women as our needs change with age.

For those of us past the first bloom of youth, a nourishing eye cream is key. The lack of sebaceous glands in this area mean it is prone to dryness; the delicate skin surrounding the eyes is the thinnest on the whole body; and its near constant movement through smiling and blinking all combine to make the eyes particularly susceptible to signs of ageing.

At this time of year our skin is often dehydrated due to central heating indoors, and near freezing temperatures outside. This often takes a toll on the skin in your eye area. You may find, when you are outside, your eyes watering and so you are wiping that area which further aggravates the skin.

The skin in your eye area is thinner and more delicate than on other parts of the body (think the soles of your feet). That means it isn’t as able to retain moisture and is more susceptible to drying out. The tricky part is often identifying what exactly is causing the skin beneath your eyes to become dry. There are many possible culprits.

Start by simplifying your beauty routine. The right products, along with consistent cleansing and hydrating, can go a long way to combat dryness. Making some simple changes to your diet can make a difference as well.

Avoid harsh products

Assess what you’re currently putting on your face and what needs to go. While the cosmetics industry makes it seem like you need an arsenal of products, that’s not necessarily the case. Overuse, and even overzealous regular use, of facial cleansers and skin products like scrubs, deep cleansers, and peels that contain harsh chemicals or alcohol can seriously dry out your skin. And remember, the skin beneath your eyes is thinner and more sensitive, so it’s much more vulnerable to irritation.

A daily skin care routine is vital

Make a habit of washing your face every day, morning and night. Switch to a mild, soap-free facial cleanser, and use gentle strokes and lukewarm water instead of hot. Find a lightweight, oil-free moisturiser and apply it after patting the skin dry. Lightly dab onto the sensitive eye area. Scroll to the bottom of the post for some eye cream recommendations.

If you use concealer, look for brands that are hypoallergenic and ophthalmologist recommended. And remember that it’s especially important to remove makeup before going to bed.

Reduce stress to your skin

Sometimes we don’t realise all the small ways we’re putting extra stress on our skin, especially those super-sensitive areas. Avoid rubbing beneath your eyes. Also, make sure to use clean makeup brushes and avoid reapplying under-eye makeup too often. All these things will reduce eye skin stress.

Your diet can help skin hydration

Proper hydration is essential for a healthy body, and helps to combat dry skin as well. Aim for a diet of antioxidant-rich foods, including leafy green vegetables, brightly coloured fruits, and nuts. Avoid processed foods and refined carbohydrates.

We get asked to review skincare products however this is very difficult with skin care around the eyes. Eye creams differ from face creams because they’re formulated specifically for the delicate eye area. As I have got older my eyes seem to have become more sensitive to both strong sunlight and to many ingredients in eye skincare creams. As mentioned before some of these chemicals will be too harsh for your skin so do make sure you read the ingredients list. Retinol is a great chemical however it needs to be introduced very slowly to any skin care routine.

For those of us past the first bloom of youth, a nourishing eye cream is key. The lack of sebaceous glands in this area mean it is prone to dryness; the delicate skin surrounding the eyes is the thinnest on the whole body; and its near constant movement through smiling and blinking all combine to make the eyes particularly susceptible to signs of ageing.

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Eye Base

I am currently using this cream as recommended by India Knight in the Sunday Times. It is really good as a base under concealer as it gives the skin under my eyes a smooth and flawless finish. One of the ingredients, Sodium Hyaluronate, replenishes moisture levels, boosting thirsty-looking areas with a direct dose of hydration. This powerhouse component plumps the appearance of fine lines as it softens the surrounding skin. Another ingredient, Vitamin B, is a very effective nourishment for your under-eyes, supporting a velvety, enlivened finish.

I am really liking the consistency as it sinks into my skin and my the skin around my eyes is definitely benefitting. Perfect for this time of year when we may be using concealer. Bobbi Brown understands the needs of women over 50 both with her make-up range and skincare.

Look Fabulous Forever’s new Night Revive Eye Cream

Grace loves this cream which is specifically for the skin around the eye to be used at night time. Click HERE to read Grace’s full review. Tricia Cusden, the founder of Look Fabulous Forever, is another make-up and skincare guru who understands the skin needs of women over 50.

I would definitely use this at night time if you feel the skin around your eyes needs some extra moisturising and then use the Bobbi Brown cream in the morning.

Best of the rest

These are creams that either Grace, I or one of our contributors has tried and therefore can recommend for women over 50.


Alexandra Soveral forever young eye cream: I regularly use Alexandra Soveral products and I love her eye cream. It is hand blended in London; this little pot is big on moisturising power. I love the way this cream glides on so easily and once absorbed it visibly plumps the skin area around my eyes. It contains natural ingredients including rankincense, vitamins C and E for their antioxidant properties, peptides to encourage collagen production and plant based hyaluronic acid. I find the subtle fragrance an added extra and makes it such a joy to apply. It is so good for those who, like me, have sensitive eyes.


Dermalogica biolumin-c eye serum: This delivers a boost of vitamin C together with a synthetic peptide (aka skin’s building block), moisturising chia seed oil and tremella mushroom to brighten, firm and hydrate. It has a gorgeous citrus fragrance.


The Inkey List retinol eye cream: My budget-friendly choice. It contains retinol so start by using this once or twice a week at night time. It is not specifically aimed at women over 50 however it is a gentle retinol cream.


Nuxe nuxuriance gold radiance eye balm: From Nuxe’s range for mature skin, this balm contains high levels of natural origin ingredients including saffron and bougainvillea. The comforting, smooth butterscotch colour makes a pleasant change to the usual clinical white. It sank in to the skin immediately without leaving any shiny residue and delivers a good dose of hydration. It does appear to make the under eye area look brighter (it contains micro-reflectors) and less wrinkly so that must be good.


Willowberry reviving eye cream: It may not have the flashiest packaging, but this cream felt cooling and soothing around the eyes. With hyaluronic acid and vitamin E along with pomegranate extract, green tea, probiotics and caffeine, it is also designed to be a base for eye make-up. Made in the UK, it is cruelty-free and vegan and claims to be 99% naturally derived. With no essential oils it is also kind to sensitive skin. It is much more runny than the other creams so leave it to sink in before applying make-up.


Honest Beauty Deep Hydration Eye Cream: This range is inspired by Jessica Alba. She worked with top chemists and make-up artists to formulate this range. I was using the eye cream in November and December (one tube lasts ages) and found it did exactly what it says it will do. It is brimming with water-attracting hyaluronic acid to plump and help counteract crêpey-ness. It is light and sinks in quickly to quench a notoriously delicate area. Another great cream for under make-up as it sinks in swiftly – smoothing and plumping and hopefully helping to ward against wrinkles.


Sunday Riley auto correct eye cream: I love the name of this one – it has a lot to correct with my eyes to live up to its name. This cream is formulated with Brazilian ginseng and horse chestnut extract, caffeine and the antioxidant lutein to hydrate and smooth. If dark circles are your nemesis, this is one to try as users have said it made them look less tired and definitely de-puffed. Plus, it has a rose gold hue that works to brighten the under eye shadows. A good investment for mature skin and worth noting that a little product goes a long way.


SkinCeuticals mineral eye UV defence SPF30: Finally I end with this serious, scientifically researched brand which is loved by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. It’s a clever twist to build the all-important SPF into an eye cream. One less product to worry about. While it doesn’t claim to contain all the age-fighting ingredients of a regular eye cream, it hydrates and protects from UV damage, so is more of a prevention than a cure. The mousse texture is quite lumpy when dispensed but absorbs smoothly and the tinted (universal) shade improves skin tone and provides a good base for make-up. A great one as you come into the summer months.

We have many more skincare posts on our website so click HERE to read.

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2 years ago

Thank you for the article on eye care. I had a problem with extremely dry skin around the eyes. It took about 2 years to work out what was causing the problem. Very relevant in current Covid times – it was nothing to do with the products I was putting on my eyes – the culprit was antibacterial soap which I was using on my hands before touching my eyes. It was the transfer of particles from this harsh product causing the problem. This information could be useful to your readers!