Let sunshine into your lives – treat yourselves to a Kettlewell Colours outfit

Grace and I have been worried about pushing fashion on all of you as quite frankly there have been more important things to worry about these last few weeks. However, when my box of samples from Kettlewell Colours arrived for me to try on, I realised that even purchasing one new tee-shirt in a gorgeous, summer colour gives one an uplift.

Multi Stripe Breton Summer Stripe
Stripey Bella Trousers Ink Pinstripe

On dummy: Eliza Top Cerise
Shoes Primury

I love both bright and pastel colours (you didn’t notice?!). This has been a recent change. Up until I was about 45 yrs old I was always drawn to navy and black. It made my wardrobe easy to work with – the outfit options were endless as it all went together. However now I find a pop of colour brings me so much joy, so I have ditched the all over dark colour look and now always add colour to whatever I wear.

Stripey Pima Scoop ¾ Sleeve Raspberry Stripe
Rosa 7/8 Trousers soft white (last season)
Scarf last season Kettlewell

Shoes Superga

Life is like a box of crayons. Most people are the 8 colour boxes, but what you’re really looking for are the 64 colour boxes with the sharpeners on the back. I fancy myself to be a 64 colour box, though I’ve got a few missing. It’s okay though, because I’ve got some more vibrant colours like periwinkle at my disposal.”

John Mayer

Mid cascade long sleeve Sultry navy
Long linen V neck Zesty Lime
Rosa 7/8 trousers

+ Grace’s own white plimsolls

This quote speaks to me and is definitely the ethos behind Kettlewell Colours though they have over 300 colours in their range which I think would suit John Mayer well.

You can match items and be as vibrant as you want as Grace has done with this outfit in zesty lime and mid blue.

As you can see this Zesty Lime linen v-neck is equally as lovely worn with white trousers.

Seville Jacket Brick red
Imogen Top Burnt orange
Mari 31″ trousers Deep ocean

If these past weeks have been grey due to Covid-19 then the endless summer sunshine has managed to keep our spirits up. Of course the new working from home #wfh wardrobe enables one to be a little more flexible and even casual. I have done many a Zoom conference call in a fabulous top but shorts, jeans or harem pants on the bottom.

Grace is looking very summer executive, perfect for a Zoom work call – waist up very professional. By teaming the top and jacket with jeans it makes a great casual outfit too.

Cotton Weekend Skirt
Multi Stripe Breton

Grace’s own white plimoslls

It is not often that Grace wears a skirt or dress however this Cotton Weekend skirt worn with a casual Multi-stripe Breton tee-shirt is great for the summer when trousers are just too hot. Grace has added the plimsolls to give it a younger look and make it altogether more relaxed.

This is a good moment to mention that the quality of the cotton they use with their tops is excellent, much better than anything you can buy on the high street. Often they are double layered which gives them a bit more strength and gives you a better shape.

If you start by buying a tee-shirt from Kettlewell Colours and you like it you can then build on it. Kettlewell is also about layering, building on a simple tee-shirt and adding a scarf or a jacket to dress it up.


Camilla Sleeveless Top Cherry Red
Chloe Jacket Silver Moon
Rosa 7/8 Trousers Cornflower

Annabel’s own shoes
Verona V-neck Sweater Light Aqua
Stripey Bella Trousers Ink Pinstripe

Dog: Yogi – Annabel’s own!!

However if you think Kettlewell Colours is all about tee-shirts, tops and trousers have a look at their knitwear.

This Verona sweater is a cotton/cashmere blend and it also comes in a cardigan style. A perfect weight for the cooler evenings.

Kettlewell Colours works with small family-run factories in Portugal and Turkey that care for their employees and produce clothing using ethical and environmentally friendly practices. It is very important to Kettlewell that their products are sustainable and ethical at the point of production in terms of the fabrics they use and the conditions for their employees at their factories, but also that they are sustainable in that they don’t need to be replaced after just a handful of wears. As I type this I am wearing a Kettlewell tee-shirt that is at least 5 years old and just does not shrink, lose its colour or age, unlike me!

Grace and I love working with Kettlewell as they are a family owned business and we want to support them during these very difficult times for fashion companies.

For further styles and information visit the Kettlewell Colours website – click HERE

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debbie longville
debbie longville
3 years ago

I love Kettlewell (introduced to me through your site)! Having had my colours done last year (also inspired by you!), it’s so helpful to be able to buy KNOWING that the colours will suit me (especially buying online and when my colours aren’t ‘in fashion’ on the high street) They do great basics, with a bit of a twist, which are wonderful to add to your wardrobe to give it a ‘bit of a lift’ – the only problem is that I want ALL the colours!
The quality is great and the tops really do keep their shape well.

I’ve had lots of compliments when I wear Kettlewell, too! What’s not to love???

Alex De Vries
3 years ago

I love Robell Trousers and find the official Robell Store fabulous http://www.sosimply.com wonderful company and just love this brand, Alexander xxx