Fashion Treats: we all need and deserve some January gifts for ourselves

There are times in life when it is so nice just to treat ourselves to a fashion purchase, something unusual, something that we may not need but is a little present to ourselves. We always try to keep you updated with fashion trends as, just because we are 50 yrs plus, does not mean that we have to be all about plain or classic clothes. There are some fabulous, trendy clothes for 50 year old women that won’t make us look like mutton dressed as lamb but could just give us a fashion buzz.

I am feeling one of those moments coming on as this lockdown seems to be dragging on. You may say but what is the point as we are going nowhere, seeing no-one, and just wearing loungewear? This is true however this time will pass and we will be returning to socialising, eating out, going to the cinema, theatre and concerts. So let’s look at some fashion treats that you never thought you needed but would be just right for some January uplift.


Trendy clothes for 50 year old women

My first suggestion for a fashion treat is a pair of shoes or boots from this totally unique footwear company, Mandarina Shoes. No-one makes shoes that are so fabulous and fun as them.

We have known Caroline, the founder of Mandarina shoes, for some time. Her designs are vibrant and some are also classic but often with a twist. I can vouch for how comfortable they are. I have owned a pair of Mandarina velvet Opera court shoes for some time and they are my go-to evening shoes.

Trendy clothes for 50 year old women
Winter Loafer ~ £125
For more info click HERE

These Winter Loafers in a tempting caramel colour look so soft. I love the elasticated back to make them extra comfortable which means you won’t need to wear socks. These take your loungewear outfits onto a smarter level and out of the slippers or trainers look that we have embraced this past year.

Grace loves the Mandarina loafers and happily these ones, below, the Links loafer, are right on trend with a chunky chain embellishment. If you have long legs, like Grace, these will suit you perfectly.

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I have also owned a pair of Mandarina velvet Chelsea boots for some years which which I am always being complimented on. I can wear them with everything from jeans to evening wear. Just a bit of colourful fun peeking out from a pair of trousers. Mandarina don’t stock velvet Chelsea boots at the moment nevertheless they have many more Chelsea boots to choose from. However if you want a bit of velvet try the Mandarina Velvet pixie boots.

Mandarina still have their SALE on so hurry over to find a fashion treat with a discount.


Grace discovered this brand some time ago and we both fell in love with their recycled Sari necklaces. Nothing could be more uplifting than one of these at your neck especially when we start to wear lighter clothing. But and it is a big BUT for now, as a fashion treat, they have some wonderful capes. They’re handmade by rural artisans in the Himalayas who are paid a sustainable and fair income. Apart from coming in 8 gorgeous colours, they can be worn in over 15 different ways – as a jacket, cape, poncho, wrap or a shawl. They’re a wonderful investment piece that elevates any wardrobe and makes dressing pleasurable, practical and easy for women of all ages.

Trendy clothes for 50 year old women
CAPE AMAZON £135 click HERE for more info

They are elegant and versatile and are perfect for this time of year as an extra layer at home. When the summer comes they can be slipped into a suitcase, for a holiday, to be worn in the evenings over a summer dress.

You can flip the cape to make it long or short. Each cape has an array of colours so you are bound to find your colour range.


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If I want a Fashion Treat then I am often to be found surfing the Me+Em website. These are forever investment pieces that are flattering and so well-made. You could definitely say that, whilst these clothes may be designed for 30yr+ women they are also trendy clothes for 50 year old women.

The Me+Em trousers are renowned as Fashion Editors’ favourites and I am a huge fan. The Luxe Pointe Track Pant that I am wearing below in navy with a rose pink stripe, has an elasticated, drawstring waist which gives comfort but is also smart. Dressed up or down these trousers work.

Trendy clothes for 50 year old women
Luxe Pointe Track Pant £150 click HERE for more info
Pale pink Cable Jumper £160 click HERE for more info

I wish I had a bottomless bank account as I could buy it all but then it wouldn’t be a fashion treat. It’s the detail that I love; the split cuff enabling a ruffle to be seen. The side stripe on the trousers to give that lengthening, slimming effect. The stripe on the back of the jumper, the removable polo-neck giving you two jumpers in one. I could go on and on as I am a firm fan. Of course not every design is for our age group and nor should it be but so much does work that it is impossible not to visit their website and click Add to basket.

“Intelligent style for intelligent women, now and forever.”

Clare Hornby, Founder


We love Katya Goldman, founder of BombshellHQ. We love her vitality her joie de vivre. We are so happy to see that she is expanding her range of signature dresses to include trousers and now her ‘Hourglass Creator’ Waistcoat in Navy Pinstripe.

Trendy clothes for 50 year old women
Katya wearing her Navy Pinstripe ‘Hourglass Creator’ ~ £149
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I do not have a figure anything like Katya’s. She is totally feminine whereas I am a bit of an ironing board. However this waistcoat caught my eye as Katya promises that it gives everyone a waist. I haven’t had one of those since sometime between Baby no. 3 & no. 4. A nipped in waist is such a feminine feature. I recently, on a grizzly, grey afternoon, watched, with my husband, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I just couldn’t get over Audrey Hepburn’s waist. I would love to find mine again.


Trendy clothes for 50 year old women
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Boden UK may make you think traditional, colourful country clothing but there are still some trendy clothes for 50 year old women. I bought, a few years ago one of their cashmere sweaters in red, pink and cream stripes and when I need an injection of some cheer my hand always reaches for it. I love this Multi Block Colour Kesteven Cashmere Jumper as is just the right amount of colour.

Trendy clothes for 50 year old women
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And just for some fun these Trainers….

Trendy clothes for 50 year old women
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I don’t know about you but I think that a new pair of pyjamas from somewhere other than Marks & Spencer are a real treat and these ones from Anthropologie UK are just the ticket.

Finally for a mini-treat try one of these shirt collars from Born in the Sun. I gave one to a girlfriend for her birthday and she was thrilled. The perfect trendy clothes for 50 year old women and think of the ironing that you are avoiding with just a collar, none of those tricky sleeves etc. So whilst this is a fashion treat it is also a time-saving fashion treat.

Whether you are casually browsing for trendy clothes for fifty year old women, hunting for trendy clothes for your 60s or need some inspiration on how to dress as an older woman we can help. Click HERE