We recommend Trinny London Make-Up For a Day to Evening Look

When I was over at Annabel’s house the other week, I borrowed her illuminated magnifying mirror (I can’t do my make-up without using one these days) and that’s when I spotted some tiny stacked pots on her dressing table. Intrigued, I had a look. Aha! So this was Trinny London make-up…

Trinny started her make-up line a couple of years ago. The range is entirely cream based and uses only the highest quality ingredients and pigments. Almost all the products are packaged in a clickable clear perspex pot, which means you can stack them together so that they are easily portable.

Probably Trinny’s most helpful (and business savvy) innovation is her Match2Me technology. How often do we look at a make-up website and worry about whether a certain colour will suit us or not? Well, quite a lot actually. But with Trinny London you are just five clicks away from finding make-up that suits you perfectly.

You may remember that Annabel met Trinny when she appeared on BBC’s This Morning a few weeks ago. Well Trinny very kindly offered to send me some of her make up to try.

It wasn’t long before some beautifully packaged products arrived. I couldn’t wait to try them to be honest. Not least because A. had already been raving about the range. I immediately took to the BFF (Best Face Friend) which is a skin perfector; unlike the rest of the range, it comes in a tube (you get a spare pot so you can dispense some to carry around in your stack) and I was impressed by the pump dispenser – just enough product pops out. It adapts to your skin tone and has SPF 30 to protect your skin. It’s light coverage which I find perfect for this warmer weather.

Another new fave of mine is the Miracle Blur (apparently this sells like hot cakes) which I like to think camouflages some of my face’s imperfections – especially useful on my lip lines and chin. The eyeshadow and blusher I tried were long lasting and had a good depth of colour. I do like Trinny’s videos too – I’ve always thought she is stunning looking and I love her madcap, upbeat attitude – she seems to have boundless energy – as well as an enviably smooth complexion.

Annabel has also made a video which, in particular, demonstrates how we older women can use Trinny London make up for a day to evening look. Click on the arrow below to see Annabel in action: (a list of the make up used in video is below)



  • BFF cream Light/Medium
  • Eye concealer – Victoria
  • Face concealer – Zandy
  • Miracle Blur
  • Eye Line (under eye) – Chalice
  • Eyelids – Wisdom
  • Blush – Wiggs
  • Cheek contour – Kate
  • Lips – Phoebe
  • Lip Gloss – Cordy
  • Highlighter (top of cheekbones and at inner corner of eyes) – Starlight
  • Brushes by Zoeva at Feel Unique

These are the make up brushes that Annabel mentioned in her video. CLICK FOR MORE INFO