The U Beauty Resurfacing Compound that’s shaking up skincare

Haven’t we all wasted money on skincare products that promised miracles, ridding us of wrinkles, age spots, dry skin and so on, i.e. all the older skin related problems, BUT they delivered nothing. Good old soap and water my mother would say however you cannot argue with science and there are now products on the market that can improve one’s skin. Nevertheless finding the right one is the issue.

At Annabel & Grace we get asked to review lots of cosmetic products but we simply do not have the time to do them justice have to give a product at least a month to see any marked improvements and you need to use it on its own to really see if it alone is making a difference. We reserve our one-off reviews for budding brands and debut formulas boasting internet-breaking potential. And yes U Beauty fell into this category as we heard that on the U Beauty launch day they sold over 20,000 bottles of their Resurfacing Compound.

So when U Beauty contacted me to try out their U Beauty Resurfacing Compound I was intrigued as I had also heard so many glowing reviews about this product.

The U Beauty Resurfacing Compound that's shaking up skincare

Tina Craig, U Beauty’s founder, has set out to streamline our routine while optimising our skin care with the very best on the market. U Beauty also prides itself on being clean, vegan and cruelty-free which is something that many people are now keen to know before they buy.

The U Beauty Resurfacing Compound (serum to you and me) brightens, renews, tightens, balances and protects at the same time. Its aim is to be a highly effective formula designed to optimise daily routine without compromising results. It has an active ingredient complex which claims to give a more radiant, smoother and revitalised skin with visible results after only 3 – 6 days. The skin texture is refined and the entire complexion appears lighter, as hyper pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles visibly fade. This special efficiency as well as the proven compatibility for all skin types make the product a unique innovation.

“I didn’t want it to just be a great skin care product, I wanted it to be a whole movement for women.”

Tina Craig, Founder.

My personal review of U Beauty Resurfacing Compound

I am a committed skincare addict so I am always looking for the Holy Grail of skincare products. I have to say that after using U Beauty serum for one week I could begin to understand the hype. I have now used it for a month and it is remarkable. 2 pumps is enough to cover my whole face.

My tip is to then rub any left on your fingertips into the backs of your hands where you may have some age spots.

Once you have applied it to your face you then need to leave it to sink into your skin i.e. let it dry before applying any make-up. Some users have commented on pilling but if your skin is very clean when you apply the serum and you let it dry there should be no pilling. I always cleanse my skin in the morning as well as double cleanse at night. Our newest guest contributor, Jade, a skin specialist, advises double cleansing in the evening as she says you wouldn’t eat off a plate that had just been rinsed!

So after one month of using U Beauty Resurfacing Compound I am now using less make-up, in particular foundation, as, and dare I say it, some of my wrinkles appear less prominent particularly the ones between my eyebrows. It has definitely simplified my beauty routine in the morning as it is now cleanse, U Beauty Resurfacing Compound, moisturiser.


As for my age spots, a description I hate as up until you are 30 they are known as freckles which is distinctly more appealing. Anyway I have age spots and lots of them. Has U Beauty Resurfacing Compound rid me of these – no is the quick answer. However have any of them faded? Yes is the answer. At 60+ none of us are looking for the skin of a 20 year old however we just want it to look as good as it can so that we can wear the minimum of cover up make-up. I don’t want that over-powdered look, I want my skin to look as natural as it can without ‘scaring the children’. Fresh and dewy is my goal and the U Beauty Resurfacing Compound has taken me many steps closer to that goal.

So I will be re-ordering it!

“I just love that this one simple product is working so hard to keep my skin at its optimum best and that I can see it is delivering the results. This is skincare made simple which works perfectly for me.”

Annabel at Annabel & Grace

It is expensive but the 15ml, for £85, is still going strong for me after one month. I am now only using it in the evening as suggested in the directions. Of course the more you buy the cheaper it becomes but I would start with the smallest size and see how you get on.

Do you want to know the science behind U Beauty Resurfacing Compound?

The contained and patent pending SIREN capsules are skin-like molecules contained in a nourishing basic formula. Once in the skin matrix, they attract damaging free radicals away from healthy skin cells like a magnet. The free radicals attack the SIREN membrane by penetrating it and triggering the release of the patented complex. The complex neutralises the free radicals, stops the spread of damage and at the same time optimises the skin’s own collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. It also contains Vitamins C and E.

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Verified Testimonials from some over 60 users

“I am 71 with great skin for my age. This serum made it even greater. It tightened my pores and even removed brown spots from my hands. I will buy again and again.”

Deborah D.

“I’m 63 years old with very good skin. But this Compound has improved my skin texture considerably. My pores are almost invisible after one month of use. I’ve never had such a fast-acting reaction. I love this serum!”

Roxanne K

At 65, I’ve tried just about everything out there, and I was getting really down about my wrinkles getting more pronounced. Not anymore! We are heading back to smoother skin! I’m very sensitive and this product does not bother my eyes or sense of smell. Actually look forward to applying it morning and night. Will not be without it and has really pared down my routine. Thank you, thank you!

Rebecca L

For more info on this product and other products by U Beauty click HERE

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1 year ago

Dear Annabel
I am very interested to try this magic U Beauty Serum, but on going to the website, there is no facility to enter your Code for 20% reduction
As I would like to try the larger size (I am desperate for help!) it would be very useful

Thank you for your brilliant magazine
With best wishes
Gilly Marshall-Lee