It has never failed to amaze me that every single child in the entire universe seems to like pasta. I could serve up spaghetti bolognese to my son and his friends ad infinitum and I honestly don’t think they would ever turn it down. Perhaps it is pasta’s very blandness that kids like. Anyhow, any parent likes a surefire hit and so here is another perennial fave that will get eaten in a trice. And, as it does not contain cream, is not a bad choice for weight conscious parents either.



Ingredients serves 4

300g spaghetti (I never think it looks enough, but it is for a healthy portion. However, if you are really hungry you can obviously up the amount)

4 egg yolks (use whites for a very low fat omelette)

150g back bacon, cut into strips

4 tbspns grated parmesan


How to prepare

Heat non stick pan and cook bacon strips until crispy (no oil required)

Cook pasta until al dente, drain, cover with lid to keep warm.

In bowl, beat egg yolks with three tbspns warm water (from pasta saucepan) and add the cheese, mixing well.

Add egg yolk mixture and bacon to cooked pasta, mix well and serve.

Season well and get noshing.