My Favourite Underwear: Comfort! Comfort! Comfort!

OK, I concede that my underwear requirements are pretty simple – comfort, comfort, comfort. I have been buying my underwear at M&S for yonks. I adore their Bridget Jones knickers, especially as they come up large and I can wear a skimpy size 10. I adore their bras. I rely on their slinky smoothing bodies. They beat other lingerie retailers hands down as far as I’m concerned in terms of both quality and pricing.

So, this is why I am recommending these three items of truly comfortable underwear to you:

Long gone are the days when I would put up with an annoying g-string stuck between my buttocks. These cotton rich jacquard knickers are reminiscent of the 1950s and cost £6 a pair. At the time of writing, they are on offer with 3 pairs for the price of 2, so £4 a pair. Almond, black or white. Click here to buy.

Have discarded my underwired bras which I used to wear to better show off my (once impressive, now not so) cleavage because they rubbed painfully against my ribcage. Supportive comfortable bra – cotton rich non-padded, non-wired full cup. £20. Available in black or white. This is one you can wear happily the entire day and evening. Click here to buy

I still have the wispy little corset I wore on my wedding night 28 years ago – might fit around one thigh these days, but back then it was pretty damned sexy. However these days I reach for a body that will cover as much up as possible and smooth out my flab. Light control Santori seamfree body £19.50. Slips smoothly over your bra and pants to give you a smoother silhouette without squeezing. Click here to buy one.

Of course I still have dreams of getting my old bod back in shape and buying less practical lingerie. You know the type of thing. I will actually lose that stone I have been talking about for sooooooo long. I will work regularly and breathlessly (ie gasping for breath) in the gym to get everything toned. I will find time to sit outside naked in the sunshine to get every last inch of me golden brown. But my diet always starts tomorrow, a gym routine is too sweaty, and my neighbour has an unpleasant habit of peering over the fence. In the meantime, I am a very happy bunny in my super comfortable, if unsexy, underwear!

Hope you have found this post useful… best wishes, Grace

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