Useful Homewares: A Few Bits And Bobs For The House

New Year means having a look at one’s house and maybe giving it a bit of a spring clean. Of course we are all watching the pennies so none of the homewares that I am suggesting in this post are investment pieces. They are just items that I have found useful around our home.


Useful Homewares: Tincture London natural cleaning products

I have loved the Tincture London products ever since they launched. Chemical free cleaning products with herbal fragrances are my idea of bliss. I mean if I have to clean I want to use products that are not harming me or the environment. But now with their new pump action bottles and refills I am in seventh heaven. The pump action makes them so much easier to use. The refills now make the range more economical. These products are also kind to pets which, with two dogs, is very important to me.


Useful Homewares: Jerrybox rotating make-up organiser
Jerrybox rotating make-up organiser

My husband complains that my make-up is all over the bedroom and bathroom  – he doesn’t understand that I am trying new products out in my attempt to be as gorgeous as I can for him!  Anyway he bought for me a Jerrybox rotating make-up organiser. I love it and we are now harmonious in the bedroom!!


Recently a lot of recipes have specified grating garlic and to be honest I have chopped or crushed it the way I always have. Then a friend told me about this amazing tool from Amazon for £5.95 that is the best lemon zester, garlic and ginger grater plus lots more. It has razor sharp blades and it does the job brilliantly. I have not tried cheese as it would seem too small an area but maybe it would be great for that too.

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