Hearts and flowers or passionate sex?

Valentine'sOf course that old chestnut, Valentine’s Day, reared its commercial head again this week. I must admit I stood in a card shop idly scanning the romantic greetings and wondering whether I could be bothered to spend £3 on one for Husband. Bit mean I hear you say? Well not really as I don’t think he cares whether he gets a card or not after 26 years of marriage. But perhaps it would have been prudent to get him one as I could feel him sneaking a slightly suspicious look at me when I was watching Apple Tree Yard. Actually glued is probably a better word. Not only an intriguing plot and competent acting, but I found myself feeling ever so slightly jealous watching a middle aged woman having passionate sex.


Mostly what went through my head was the thought that I was unlikely to ever experience such abandonment myself again. In fact it’s so many years ago that I could only faintly recollect the emotion they call lust. That’s the downside of a long relationship, the intense passion doesn’t take very long to morph into more routine physical exercise, unless of course you are both avid readers of the kama sutra (and are not too knackered to summon up the energy and flexibility to try out any of the moves). We can’t all be married to Sting. I wonder if Trudy still goes to heaven and back every night. Oh well, I have so much else to be grateful for.

To get back to the subject in hand. On reflection, I gave the card thing a miss (as did Husband). Nowadays I find 14 February is less about the two of us, and more about reminding Son to remember to get Girlfriend something for Valentine’s Day. He recently completely forgot the 2nd anniversary of their going out together and I’m not sure he came out of that particular omission unscathed! But what should a 24 year old splash out for this occasion? Last weekend, when I asked him if he had anything planned for the 14th, he told me he had already organised a local florist to deliver some (rather expensive – what a surprise) red roses to Girlfriend’s office. Clever boy. We all like our colleagues to see how much our partner loves us! “And I’ll cook her fillet steak and sweet potato wedges because she really likes that.” Seems I would have been better off asking Son to remind Husband!

And for all those of us who don’t have a certain someone at the moment? May I suggest that we remember to love and cherish ourselves. If you find that tricky, then read this sign that I discovered in the changing room of the Cloudberry boutique in Angmering, Sussex: