Vionic Shoes: the days of uncomfortable women’s shoes are over

As our readers know Grace and I are all about comfort in our footwear. However that does not mean that we want to compromise on style. We are not about to don orthopaedic shoes as our feet are not medically unsound – just old! T2T (Taxi to Table) shoes have long been Marie Kondoe-d out of our wardrobes. We are able to do this because new shoe manufacturers, like Vionic Shoes, have sprung up designing and producing shoes with ergonomic soles ie soles that support and protect our feet.

Too often, supportive shoes for women come at the expense of style, forcing you to choose between comfort and appearance.

Interesting fact: as we get older the fat pads on the soles of our feet are worn down and disappear. My theory is that these fat pads relocate to our hips and it is a female body design flaw as we would be so much happier if it was the other way around.

Display of new Autumn Collection 2019 footwear

Anyway we were recently invited to the Vionic Shoes Autumn/Winter show. Vionic is one of these clever shoe companies that has an innovative approach to foot health. Vionic conceals biomechanical technology into each shoe giving us all day comfort.

Model wearing CODIE from Vionic Shoes
CODIE sporty leather trainer £120 BUY NOW

At the shoe show I was pleasantly surprised to see that most of the audience were at least 30 years younger than us. My immediate thought was, if the Vionic shoes are cool enough for them then they must be stylish.

The fashion show was slick and the models showed how various designs could be worn with this year’s fashion looks. I sat next to two social influencers on Instagram, @shalishahkay and @natalieroseuk who are Vionic footwear devotees. These are IG influencers who have over 30k followers each so their word is gospel.

Model wearing Demetra at Vionic Shoes show
DEMETRA croc embossed leather £110 BUY NOW

I have to admit that after watching the show there were about 6 styles that I could happily have come home with however my husband may have divorced me as he thinks I may be related to Imelda Marcos. My new motto is to Marie Kondo anything before I press Buy Now – well that’s what I tell my husband!

On the Vionic website there is a whole page explaining What is Plantar Fascilitis? It shows how Vionic shoes can help to alleviate this debilitating pain.

I have now been wearing my Vionic Shoes for a few weeks and they are extremely comfortable, lightweight and contemporary. I am even tempted to try some of their ‘heels’ e.g. the LACEY with its tortoiseshell heel in either leather or suede. It could answer all my evening wear problems of wanting a little bit of height, which is always so much more elegant than flats, but wanting to remain pain-free.

The Lacey £130 from Vionic Shoes

Finally if you need extra cushioning in any of your current shoes then Vionic Shoes have the answer with their full-length or 3/4 length orthotic inserts . Their active orthotics are perfect for activities in which you need added motion control, stability and cushioning, such as power walking, running, tennis, fitness classes or cardio time.

3 sets of orthotics available from Vionic shoes

Orthotics from VIONIC are also great for dress shoes. Whether you’re attending a wedding or dressed to the nines for work, your feet will feel comfortable and supported no matter the occasion in our slim fit orthotic inserts.

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