What Are The Six Favourite Things In Your Wardrobe?

If you had to choose the six favourite things in your wardrobe, what would they be? I only ask because I often stand in front of my clothes wondering what to wear and feel guilty because there seem so many of them. Guilty because I never take the majority of them off the hangers – they just seem to dangle forlornly knowing they won’t get chosen!

So I set myself the test of choosing six favourite things. Not as an outfit. More because they have been so useful – some of them for (many) years. Why not have a go yourself and identify the clothes that are most important to you. Knowing what your favourite pieces are may help influence your future shopping choices in terms of style, colour and may even stop you clicking that buy now button occasionally!

No.1 This was easy. It has to be my M&S jeans.

The Siena – has M&S come up with the perfect pair of jeans? MORE INFO

Straight legged and high waisted, my Siena jeans from M&S fit many people perfectly and are just the right length to wear with any type of shoes or boots. The hunt for the perfect pair of jeans can feel tricky at times – but the Siena is enormously popular. First launched in 2019, M&S currently sells one pair every minute – that’s well over 13,000 pairs per week. At £19.50 they’re affordable, they come in various lengths and colours and are made from sustainably sourced cotton. I chose indigo, the darkest blue denim, which flatters legs by making them look longer. I’ve also heard good things about their Magic Shaping High Waisted Straight Leg Jeans which feature ‘tummy flattening technology’. I used to buy designer jeans, thinking nothing of spending £150+ on a pair. Not any more!

No.2 Puffer coat

I bought mine in John Lewis about ten years ago and am ashamed to say I can only remember washing it once since then. Am I the only one who forgets to clean their coats? It has kept me warm on countless cold days and looks equally good whether on a dog walk or meeting friends for dinner in a restaurant. I particular like a neck-warming collar, draught excluding zip fastening and deep cosy pockets.

From left to right:

  • Hadley Puffer in Dark Ivy from Hobbs £139 MORE INFO
  • Thomas Puffer in Deep Forest Boden £210 MORE INFO
  • Ultra light down hooded coat from Uniqlo £89.90 MORE INFO

No.3 Winser London blazer

Lauren Boyfriend Blazer £295 – also available in Black and Midnight MORE INFO

THE must-have wardrobe item for so many of us. It works with everything whether a dress, jeans, smart trousers and at work, at leisure or on a night out. Mine is from Winser London and is lightweight which means I can use it all year round – with a white shirt in the summer and a warmer jersey in the winter. Invest in the best you can afford – you cannot skimp on good tailoring.

No. 4 My Me+Em jumper

Multi Gauge Merino Jumper + Snood £125 from Me+Em’s new collection MORE INFO

I have quite a few jumpers. I bloody love them. A v neck worn with a white tee shirt peeking through. A polo to hide my wrinkly old neck. A crew with a collared shirt underneath. Lately I have been buying brightly coloured ones that seem to light up my face which makes me feel youthful. Not a bad thing! My fave is a lighter weight plain navy v neck from Me+Em – must be at least five years old and it’s still going strong. I put it on and I feel great. Simples. Check out From Future it’s a French company based in Paris and I’m hooked on their knitwear (which appears to be aimed at teenagers as far as I can see from their website but there is plenty for us older girls too) – MORE INFO

No. 5 My tummy-hiding oversized shirt

I’m in the process of selling our house which, as I’m sure you know from your own experience, can be pretty stressful. But thankfully I have Sauvignon Blanc to wind down with when the clock strikes 6. This has, however, together with this year’s lockdown, meant that I rely on a loose fitting top more than I used to! My favourite top is one from Jaeger that I purchased yonks ago which gives me confidence because I can absolutely relay on the shape hiding my tummy – they have a similar linen v neck for £55 on their website now, MORE INFO Have my eye on this pretty in pink frilled collar and placket blouse from Hush which should be equally good at making me look more slender! MORE INFO And if you haven’t looked at the clean contemporary lines of the clothes at COS yet, like this beautiful blue shirt below, please do! MORE INFO


No. 6 Suede loafers

Over the last six decades I have worn many brands of shoes – Ferragamo, Chanel, Prada, Russell & Bromley to name a few. But which pair do I reach for when I am expecting to be on my feet all day and comfort is my main priority? My JD Williams suede loafers. They are generously sized and come in two wide fittings. I have worn mine on countless occasions and they are still going strong, despite the very economical price. Currently on sale for under £20. More info.

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2 years ago

I loved your comment about hiding your tummy, I live for clothes that do just that & have found that Sahara London clothes are brilliant .

Annabel & Grace
2 years ago
Reply to  Joanna

Hi Joanna. Interesting, I must investigate what Sahara has to offer if you think so highly of them. Best wishes, Grace

2 years ago

Things I love –

my Hermes scarves that elevate any outfit;
a 30 year old Jean Muir LBD that is subtly sexy even on my ageing frame;
a pure cashmere black blazer – 20 years old. It has a gorgeous sheen – people stroke me when I wear it.
My Aussie style leather hat – heaps better than an umbrella in the rain;
a pair of black wool fully lined Jaeger trousers -£3.50 in a charity shop
a pair of leopard print boots with a red stripe up the back. I rejoice to think how much my mother would have disapprovedof them!

Annabel & Grace
2 years ago
Reply to  Anna

Hi Anna. Love your list – much more interesting than mine! Particularly liked the idea of people stroking your blazer and those leopard print boots! Best wishes, Grace