How To Make Yourself More Attractive – Instantly

Yes I know the title of this article sounds too good to be true. But the great news is that it isn’t. You can instantly make yourself more attractive by wearing the right colours. And what are the right colours? The ones that illuminate your skin tone. It’s the difference between looking washed out, tired and invisible, or radiant and ten years younger.

Helen Venables, MD of House of Colour

So how do you find out which are the right colours for you?

You get your colours done. But what does that involve exactly?

You find your local consultant and arrange an appointment – either on an individual basis or as part of a small group, depending on your preference.  The process is fun and enlightening.

There will be colours you think look good on you which, on analysis, turn out to be draining. But when you see yourself in the colours that harmonise with your natural skin tone, hair and eye colour, you’ll be delighted (and a bit amazed).  The consultant will also talk about body architecture and personality – having this info really helps you progress your individual style. 

You can watch our video of Annabel having her colours done by Helen Venables, MD of House of Colour here

Annabel having her colours done

What benefits can you expect?

  • Increased confidence
  • You’ll look more radiant, healthy, younger
  • No more wasting money on buying clothes that don’t suit you
  • Top quality colour coded make up and stylish spex (they’ve thought of everything!) also available to complete your new improved look
  • Wearing the right colours and style can make you visible for all the right reasons. It can also increase your earning potential, help relationships, career development, decrease anxiety and allow you to be who you want to be.

Grace’s experience

I had my colours done about 30 years ago. In those days it was a simple question of discovering which season you were – Spring, Summer, Winter or in my case Autumn. But things in the colour world have come on leaps and bounds since then; these days you benefit from a more in-depth colour analysis.

There’s something else you should be aware of. Although your season never changes, we do lose some of the contrast in our colouring as we age. This means your very best wow colours can shift a little within your seasonal palette. So it’s worth getting a colour analysis refresh every 7 years or so to find if there have been any changes. When I had my colours refreshed, I discovered that I looked better in brighter shades of my original Autumn palette. I’m pleased to report that when I wear those newly identified wow colours, I really do get a lot of compliments.

Helen, Annabel & I recording our podcast interview

Last week, we met up with Helen to have a chat about the huge importance of colour. Why not listen to it now on your mobile, iPad or computer…

If you have an android device (ie Samsung) LISTEN HERE

To find a highly qualified colour consultant near you, or check out the make up and/or super lightweight matching glasses, visit the House of Colour website.