Wellbeing: Top Ten best health tips from 2018

Our health and wellbeing cannot be taken for granted. As we get older we start to appreciate it more and more. Grace and I are regularly asked to review products that will enhance our good health and wellbeing. We insist on trying each of them out and therefore our posts are based on our personal experience. In this post I have chosen some of the products that we have reviewed during 2018 that we think have really made a difference for us.

Wellbeing: Top Ten best health products from 2018

Focuszen+ Clinically proven chill pill. FocusZen+is a unique new supplement designed to reduce stress levels within an hour, with measurable results for a further three hours. It has been formulated especially for people who are under stress and want to find a natural way to bring down their anxiety levels so that they can focus and concentrate on what they need to do. Each capsule contains 300mg of high-quality, natural lemon balm leaf extract with pantothenic acid to contribute to mental performance and good cognitive function. It has a short term effect. For Grace’s full review click HERE.

Wellbeing: Top Ten best health products from 2018

Cucumber Clothing Leisurewear. It is not always about popping a pill. Many of us suffer from night sweats so we welcomed the launch of the Cucumber Clothing range of nightwear. This range wicks the sweat away and thus gives one a better night of sleep. Late last year Cucumber Clothing extended their original jersey nightwear range by adding cashmere leisurewear – a kimono dress and jumpsuit. I have my (lustful) eye on the Kimono in red as this style could be worn around the house when relaxing or having friends for supper. However I could easily dress it up and go out in it as it is elegant and luxurious. It is made in a sensual cashmere mix fabric and has an adjustable drawstring waist, princess length wide sleeve, flattering v neck, roomy pockets (essential!), side slits and is cut slightly longer at the back than the front. There is also a jumpsuit in the same colours and fabric. Best of all this fabric has all the same thermo-regulating and moisture wicking properties that we love.

For the full review click HERE.

Wellbeing: Top Ten best health products from 2018

During 2018 we welcomed Lesley Greenwood onto our guest bloggers team. Lesley is a psychotherapist and counsellor based in Cheshire. Lesley specialises in midlife transitions, health wellness and weight management issues. She has written many interesting posts. Since August Lesley has written 5 posts about Mindfulness, de-cluttering your mind, losing your Mojo, positive mindset and nourishment not punishment. They are extremely popular posts which clearly have made us all have some positive thinking time.

To read more of Lesley’s posts click HERE.

Wellbeing: Top Ten best health products from 2018

How to have lovely feet: a post written by Grace and including lots of tips and products specifically for our feet. At this time of year it is an area of our bodies that we tend to cover up with winter socks and warm shoes or boots so they are not on show. However it is important to keep caring for them as now is the time of year you can experience infections, dry skin, and ingrowing toe-nails. If we look after them now they will be in tip-top condition when the summer comes and we wear open-toed shoes.

To read the full post click HERE.

Wellbeing: Top Ten best health products from 2018

What is CBD Oil and why do people take it? CBD Oil has been much talked about in the media. Cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining in popularity as a natural remedy. But what is it and why do people take it?

Dr Nicholas Shenker PhD FRCP, is a consultant rheumatologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and an expert in chronic pain syndromes. He says that “All over the world, people are using CBD – often in pharmaceutical (very high) doses – to address their health issues.” These include reducing inflammation, relieving chronic pain, reset sleep patterns, and reducing stress and anxiety. Other reasons people try CBD are to help reduce nausea, to use it’s anti-inflammatory properties to reduce acne, as an anti-depressant and a small number of people who have tried CBD out in the bedroom said it had improved their sexual experiences.

If you want to find out more about CBD oil and where to buy to buy a purified CBD product from a reputable company then click HERE.

Wellbeing: Top Ten best health products from 2018

Do You suffer from IBS and need recipes to help cure it?

Did you know that IBS is the world’s most common gut disorder, affecting around 15% of the population but currently only around 30% of sufferers actually know they have it or seek help? Well I didn’t however I have noticed that people are starting to be more open about admitting that there are certain foods that do not agree with their guts. Maybe we are all starting to be more aware of what we put inside our bodies.

The Calm Belly Cookbook by Cecilie Hauge Ågotones, has not come a moment too soon.

Cecilie is Norwegian and was a very severe IBS sufferer. She has researched and trialed many recipes in order to come up with a book that she hopes will help fellow sufferers.  She has a blog, Low FODMAP, which will also help those who are interested in finding out more about this method of eating. For the full review on this cookbook click HERE.

Wellbeing: Top Ten best health products from 2018

Cold Sores: Preventions and Cures 

Just mentioning cold sores makes some people recoil. Perhaps it’s the association with the herpes virus or the fact that once you’ve caught it you’ve got it for life. Yet, cold sores are in the top ten most common skin concerns in the UK and around seven out of ten of us carry the virus.

While you can’t get rid of the virus forever, there are measures you can take to prevent cold sores from materialising. Read the full post HERE to find out all of our tips.

Wellbeing: Top Ten best health products from 2018

Lumen App: new dating site specifically for over 50s

The Lumen app is so positive as it reflects our own philosophy that just because we are over 50 we are not dull and boring. We still have a lot to offer and can enter the dating market. Having listened to various radio programmes about online dating I can see that it is frustrating for the over 50s to be on a website with much younger people. From the outset any man joining this app is basically agreeing that he is happy to date a woman over 50 i.e. he is not looking for a much younger partner.

To read the full review click HERE.

6 Afternoon Slump Snacks to revive your energy.  

Wellbeing: Top Ten best health products from 2018

Grace and I often send each other an email at about 3.30pm saying we have hit the biscuit tin – or worse still – the chocolate store! So when my inbox went ping to herald the arrival of an email about healthy snacks to beat the afternoon slump, I forwarded it immediately to Grace.

We all know about the drop in our blood sugar levels during the afternoon, but rushing for a sugar hit is not the answer as it only gives you a quick hit and then you slump lower than before. So here are a few tips that I have tried over the years which work and are a whole lot better for you.

To find out what our six afternoon pick-me-up wellbeing snacks are click HERE.

Befriending / Wellbeing: Top Ten best health products from 2018

Befriending: Providing friendship to an older person in your community

This Wellbeing tip has a double benefit as it makes you as the carer feel good about yourself whilst it will bring great happiness to the person that you have befriended.

Befriending fitted the bill perfectly for this guest writer, Dee (Grace’s younger sister).

“This was what I wanted to do. It only takes an hour of your time each week to either visit an older person or you can call them on the telephone. I chose to make weekly visits.

After I completed an online application form, I was contacted immediately by my local organiser to arrange a visit to my home for a recruitment and matching meeting. At the meeting, which was very informal, I shared my background and completed a ‘disclosure and barring check’ form to ensure that I was a suitable person.

Next, I attended a one-day course for newly recruited befriending volunteers which was extremely helpful. I felt very valued by the Age UK trainers.”

They quickly matched me with a lady in her 80’s who lives on her own in a town near to my home. I was really excited! The local organiser accompanied me on my first visit. We were introduced and, as we sat talking together, I knew that we were a great match. We had so much in common!

To read Dee’s full post click HERE.