#wfh – working from home or working from holiday!

Those of you who follow us on Instagram will have seen that I took a late summer break to Corfu to escape the Covid-19 winter blues and to chase some summer sun. Other Half (OH) and I decided that, having had to wait 17 weeks for his postponed back operation and then a further 5 weeks with him laying flat at home and not going anywhere, my OH deserved a break. However it has meant some #wfh and in this instance the ‘h’ stands for holiday not home!

The view from my desk in Corfu - #wfh

It really is incredible that one can be anywhere in the world and still be working as if we are in the office. I watched my daughter, who was staying with us, having a Zoom call with her office who thought she was in the UK, in a jumper and a bikini bottom. She sat in a position whereby it was a blank wall behind her. We all had to tiptoe around and not speak and also not make any holiday noise like jumping into the pool.

Having been out in Corfu for a couple of weeks I hear that many people, who can #wfh, are negotiating to spend the winter months here. Not that Corfu has great winter weather, similar to our own but not as cold. However they are relatively Covid-19 free and because of the small population if feels much safer. If it wasn’t for my dogs I would do the same.

#wfh in my loungewear from KETTLEWELL COLOURS

My OH is over 70 so in the vulnerable age group and so he needs to live a semi-lockdown life if in England. We need to be very careful and I guess everyone over 60 is feeling the same way. We all need to self-police and look after ourselves, knowing our own physical weaknesses and catering for them.

Sunrise over Albania viewed from my bedroom whilst #wfh

The time difference of 2 hours between the UK and Corfu means I can have up until 11.30am for myself. I have breakfast, then go for a walk or a swim and still be at my desk when the UK opens at 9.30am. Our wifi in Corfu was so much better than at home.

In the evenings we eat at 6pm here, before the sun sets and to avoid the Mosquito dusk raid, so by 7.30pm (5.30pm UK time) I am back at my desk and doing all my post writing which works well as it is without interruption. I can even see my front door in Henley-on-Thames, via Ring, and talk to any delivery people or visitors.

Two of my children are living and #wfh at our house having given up their expensive London rentals and are ‘saving’ for a house deposit so home is being looked after when we are not there. Grace has been the anchor for A&G which I am so grateful for and thus has enabled me to get away for these weeks.

Winter in the UK is going to be long and tough this year until there is a tried and tested vaccine available for all. However it does make one reassess the way we live, the values we have, what gives us joy and what we can truly live without. It used to be that one wanted to be close to a big city with access to good restaurants, theatre, cinema and shops. Now if we don’t have to be near a city we actually want to be as far away as possible.

Wifi, a good laptop, a mobile phone and a Kindle or an Audible subscription can get me through this winter. I can #wfh with great ease. Aren’t we so lucky to live in this world of modern technology? And yet maybe all of this modern living has created a pandemic that has ripped the world apart and made it very small. Will I ever visit America again? Do I ever want to consider visiting places off the beaten track like South America or am I content to live a more peaceful and stable life in one (or maybe two places)!

Corfu has stolen my heart. It does that to people. So many of my friends have visited and also fallen in love with it. It is not just about beaches and sunshine, Kerkyra (Corfu town) is a jewel which continues to fascinate us each time we walk around it.

Of course this pandemic has divided us emotionally, physically, financially and politically. It is not possible for so many people to be able to jump on a plane and enjoy a holiday. I am so grateful and appreciative that we could and who knows when we will be able to go again.

Mask by RUDIMASKS ~ click HERE

Corfu is 3hrs 15 mins away by air and, I am happy to report, British Airways made us feel very safe and Covid free on both journeys. The passengers seemed so grateful to get away that they all all wore their masks without complaint. And yet on public transport in the UK so many people are refusing to wear masks which must make the job of those running these services so much more difficult.

However there are still many things that keep me grounded in the UK; family, friends, my dogs and much more. So visiting Corfu now is a happy compromise especially whilst the Corfiots are managing to stay relatively Covid free and create a safe environment for visitors. We will be back in the Spring for more Greek Filotimo.

If you want to know what Greek Filotmo is then read my last week’s post, Do you have Filotimo?, by clicking HERE.


  1. I usually enjoy reading your posts but have to say how totally inappropriate today’s was. There are people reading it who are enduring a second lockdown, and just trying to stay sane with no end in sight!

    • I am sorry that it offended you but it was a decision we made following my husband’s long wait (5 months) for back surgery and then the dural tear he suffered so a further 5 weeks laying flat before he was given the all clear to walk. So he had over 6 months of not being able to move and being in a lot of pain. We too are now in lockdown as his age means he is vulnerable but a burst of sunshine and being able to walk freely with little worry of catching Covid was exactly what he needed for his mental wellbeing and sanity before facing a long winter of lockdown. Maybe I did not get that message across in the post. Annabel

  2. Dear Annabel,
    Good on you for getting away! Having been a qualified nurse for 35 yrs I had a back operation on my spine when I was 42, for recuperating once I was given the all clear by the Neurosurgeon my husband booked a holiday to Corfu, my son was ten and daughter 12. After years of cruel pain and a final operation the sun, sea and sand was bliss for us all . My family had to endure constant moaning, the oohs and ahhs of chronic back pain from me and the depression that goes with it.
    So please readers don’t be grudge Annabel and her husband a break in the sun. Who wouldn’t go if they could , Covid or not.
    Oh course readers there are people enduring hardship to say the least during this dreadful Pandemic and being a kind caring person my heart goes out to them, I am lonely, late 60s my grown up children both live 200 miles each in different directions from my home in Wales., I don’t see a soul. but I get on with it, it’s is what it is. If I had a chance to go to beautiful Corfu I would.
    .At least Annabel is working out there so don’t begrudge some one a little break because believe
    me real back pain is no joke for the person suffering and those around them who are living with the person suffering.
    So to you Annabel and husband enjoy a little bit of comfort don’t feel guilty. I sympathise with your
    husband so much and I hope he eventually get his Op. tell him after the initial surgery has healed the bliss of being able to walk upright with no pain is just wonderful.
    Grace as you say is holding fort and you would do the same for her I am sure .
    So readers who ever you are stay strong and there will be better days ahead I am sure, there will be bad knocks and bad bumps along the way try hard to stay positive and remember don’t begrudge anyone a little bit of comfort weather they are rich or poor getting away for a break.
    Good luck Annabel and to your husband, stay positive keep taking the painkillers MR Annabel and close your eyes and rest and dose in the warm sun and don’t fight the pain because you can’t its to excruciating just keep taking the tablets regularly to kill that damn pain.
    Hey stay safe everyone,
    Pamela from Wales UK x

    • Thanks Pamela for your supportive message. I didn’t want to write a moaning, whingeing article about my husband’s back pain when many people are suffering so much more, losing loved ones, the long term effects of Covid-19 both physically, mentally and financially. My children are also suffering from the long term effects of Covid with their jobs but you are right if we have the opportunity for some short term happiness we should grab it when and if we can. Somebody cleverer than I wrote, “This disease can isolate us but it cannot separate us.” And it must not separate or divide us. My husband is finally out of pain after suffering for 10 years – it was a joy to go on holiday with him where he could enjoy everything that I was doing, walking, swimming and just standing for any length of time! I hope that Covid does not, once again, put all these non-urgent surgeries on hold for others like my husband who are in pain. I hope you get to see you children and that Wales recovers soon. Best wishes, Annabel

  3. Anyone and the loved ones around the person suffering from TRUE back pain is allowed to moan, it’s part of our genetic code to moan , so moral of the story is Have a Good Moan, it’s not a crime.
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday Annabel and MR .
    Hey it was announced today the whole of Wales has gone into a short sharp lockdown for 2 weeks, as from next Friday. Strange times indeed.
    Best wishes Pamela from Wales UK x

    • Good luck with the lockdown. I truly hope that it is a success and it breaks the cycle of this virus and brings it to a controllable level. Best wishes, Annabel

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