What I Wore in Week 7 of lockdown: Kettlewell, Winser and my Ascot hat!

Now that we’re into Week 7 of lockdown, I’ve realised that even the tiniest excursion away from the house makes me happy. Whether it’s puffing and panting as I do my daily walk up the hill, my weekly drive over to my parents with a carload of provisions, or – very excitingly, a trip to the doctor’s surgery! Lordy how things have changed. Talk about finding the joy in small things…


Like everyone else, we have been watching (way too much) TV. Terrestrial is pretty hopeless at the moment (understandably they have had to resort to repeats and rather damp squib programmes recorded by personalities in lockdown). Netflix bosses must be rubbing their hands with glee! Don’t miss Ozark and Breaking Bad. Oh, and a must-see film highly recommended by my dear friend Humphrey – Wild Tales which is on Amazon Prime. More great viewing ideas here.

Mini rose georgette blouse with detachable tie bow from Winser London MORE INFO. White pull on trousers (many other colours available) from Kettlewell MORE INFO.


One very surprising thing about lockdown for me has been the realisation that I quite like cleaning. I can hear the raucous laughter of my family and friends as they read this. And fair enough, I only discovered how the vacuum cleaner works a fortnight ago, having been lucky enough to have Janice, our cleaner, in charge of such equipment up until we all started isolating. But in her absence, I’m finding housework rather therapeutic.

Kettlewell cardigan MORE INFO Trousers – bought in tiny boutique about 20 years ago. Suede loafers from JD Williams (super comfortable and amazingly good value at £30) MORE INFO EMop (marvellous bit of kit) MORE INFO


Huge excitement last Wednesday when my local surgery phoned to ask me to come in for a pneumonia vaccination. Apparently over 65s just have to have one (painless) jab and that’s it, for life. The jab was painless but my arm was a bit sore for a couple of days.

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I was caught speeding before the pandemic and jumped at the opportunity to do a virtual speed awareness course instead of 3 points and a hike in my insurance premium. It was my first time using Zoom and proved to be a fascinating two and a half hours spent with 8 other law breakers and our trainer, Richard. It was surprisingly enjoyable, very educational and I will definitely be sticking to the speed limit from now on.

Red cardigan from JD Williams £18 MORE INFO

We are very lucky to have excellent walks all around our house but last week Hugo decided he wanted me to accompany him as he did a run. So I clambered aboard my bike and cycled alongside him. Which was great. Until the heavens opened! Thank goodness I took my waterproof mac. But definitely need the exercise as have put on four pounds (damned delish those Aero peppermint bubbles!). Have managed to avoid the Covid bum that Annabel mentioned, but not sure for how long!

Ultra light down gilet vest from Uniqlo M&S Lily jeans MORE INFO Red crew neck jumper Winser (no longer available but click here if you’d like to browse the website). Waterproof parka F&F at Tesco (unfortunately no longer available which is a shame because it cost me £20 and is a brilliant shape and good quality).

As I mentioned earlier it’s such a treat to be able to get in the car and drive to my nonagenarians with their weekly food shop last Saturday. They may be 90 but they are fiercely independent. So proud of them. Apparently, a neighbour knocked on their door the other day and – much to my parents’ horror, walked straight into their sitting room, ready for a chat and a cup of tea. Poor woman lost her husband a couple of months ago and is (understandably) more concerned with grief than social distancing.

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A formal hat was the very last thing I dreamed I would be reaching into my wardrobe for. But never say never and it was just the right attire for an evening of virtual horseracing. Brilliantly organised by our friend Philip, it was huge fun and, unlike Ascot, it didn’t cost us a penny and I didn’t have to totter about in heels.

So glad that we seem to be returning to more clement weather. Like everyone else, I’m loving being in the garden. It’s so relaxing chatting to friends with the sun on my face – especially as lockdown means we have more time for more meaningful conversations with them. Am patiently waiting until the garden centres re-open, when I am looking forward to shopping for summer bedding. Until then it’s weeding…

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  1. Hello Grace,
    By the way, my experiment worked on removing the elastic hem from a top, but it was stitched in so took longer to do by hand but was worth it.
    I previously replied to Annabel’s Wardrobe cleanse post and asked if she could ask you this ….
    Also I am an apple shape – so can Grace advise on whether she avoids jumpers in favour of cardigans. What is her favourite outfit combination.
    (adding – ) Which style of clothes works – saw your video on Apple shapes but am unsure of length of tops to choose, and prefer a long thin scarf to an infinity one for example. Like necklaces and earrings though. This will help me sort out the unflattering things hopefully.
    I’m your shape but Annabel’s colouring !
    Thanks again for your varied posts it keeps us all thinking and virtually chatting.

  2. Loved the Ascot hat, Grace! I love hats, and decided in lockdown (alone) to have tea wearing my Buckingham Palace hat (late husband was OBE’d) knowing no one would call and wonder if I’d gone off my head.

    Keep up the cheery posts!

    • Hi Anna… your comment made me roar with laughter! What a fun thing to do. We all need to feel good during these peculiar times don’t we. Take care and stay safe… best wishes, Grace

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