What I Wore Last Week

Usually these What I Wore Last Week articles are written and selfie-d by much younger women than yours truly – and, most often, much thinner! So I’m not writing this as a how-to-style piece, more as an exercise to record which items I chose to wear.

On average, we Brits only use 20% of the clothes in our wardrobes. The reasons? We’re waiting to lose weight, we’ve bought items that are uncomfortable (think shoes!), “it was a bargain” or they are “too good to wear.” Hopefully keeping a note will prove a useful idea and help us decide which clothes and accessories we should keep when we next have a cathartic clear out!


Working on computer/yoga class

This is a very typical day for me. I’m most often to be found glued to my computer in our third bedroom, which I have commandeered as my home office. I usually pad about in bare feet – someone told me it’s healthier than wearing shoes as it improves balance and the flexibility of foot muscles. On the three days I go to yoga, I wear my exercise gear all day as I don’t see the point of making more washing for myself – I have plenty of that to do already!

Fluorescent orange top came from M&S last year. They do a similar one in a pretty pale blue for £22.50. MORE INFO Blue leggings are perfect thickness – supportive and seem to smooth out any lumps and bumps. Kettlewell – MORE INFO Pull on low top sneakers FitFlop £85 MORE INFO


Racing at Goodwood

Gosh it was a blustery day – and raining too. I gratefully accepted the clear plastic folded cape I was handed at the entrance to the racecourse and it wasn’t long before I had no choice but to pop it over what I was wearing! Despite the weather, we had a lot of fun and laughter.

Jolie Moi maxi dress £95 from a selection at John Lewis MORE INFO. Purple suede pumps from M&S about 5 years ago. Similar ones available if you CLICK HERE. Chanel handbag – knocking on 30 years old and still treasure it. Plastic folded mac with hood – free if you go to Goodwood!


A treat for my feet and a ‘girly’ lunch

Whizzed into London and, after the most fabulous two hour pedicure, I had lunch with my friend Bumble. A refreshing Watermelon & Feta salad and an even more refreshing catch up!

Striped blue/white shirt which I bought from Gap about ten years ago. Pull on white cigarette trousers from Robell £65 MORE INFO.


Gardening & prepping a picnic

Another day at home, this time paying some long overdue attention to our little garden and prepping two salads for a picnic. As the temperature had soared, it was hot and sticky work and so I wore my oldest clothes – a pair of battered jeans and a t-shirt. I won’t bore you by showing you those!


Goodwood (again)

I knew that the only sure bet of the day would be that I would not be the only one wearing this very comfortable and floaty Zara dress – and I was right! But it kept me cool as a cucumber on what was a warm sunny day (unlike Tuesday) and am now a firm fan of full length (or very long midi) dresses as you can sneak a pair of comfortable flat shoes underneath!

Zara dress £49.99 MORE INFO


Prudential FreeCycle in central London

What a fantastic treat my friend Sally and I had. The Prudential FreeCycle is an annual event where anyone of any age and fitness can cycle a 7 mile route on some of the city’s busiest roads – WITHOUT ANY TRAFFIC! It was heaven – you could whizz through red traffic lights, cycle on the wrong side of the road and the atmosphere was so friendly.

I wore my trusty Kettlewell swing top £39 MORE INFO. Knee length white Shorts – £18 from Next MORE INFO Fitflop sneakers MORE INFO



Every year we are extremely lucky to be invited to Glyndebourne by our good friends Vicky and Richard. This year we saw The Magic Flute which, despite some critics giving it less than favourable reviews, we absolutely loved. And our leisurely four course picnic in the beautiful grounds was another treat… as usual, we were among the last to leave!

Chiffon maxi dress by Floryday £56.81 (yes, honestly, that’s the price – a) very inexpensive and b) you think they would have rounded it up or down!). Floryday are based in Hong Kong so delivery takes a week or two. Brown suede shoes – I think they are slightly older than me (and that’s saying something!).

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  1. I’m currently house sitting and have 3 sets of clothes with me and have proved to myself you can manage with that amount. One thing I cant do without is my hairdryer !!!

    I live in New Zealand and love your blogs.

    • Hi Brenda, Hope all good in NZ? Yes, we can all learn lessons from the French who seem to exist quite happily on capsule wardrobes! Agree about the hairdryer – an absolute must have!
      Thanks for writing to us. Best wishes, Grace

  2. Grace, you look fabulous in all of the photos. Thoroughbreds and Mozart all in one week; lucky you! ps. Love your hair too.


    • Hi Brooke. Thank you for your lovely comment. Yes it was a special week and very enjoyable. Hair wise – I can thoroughly recommend a bob as it suits every hair type and every age and is easy to style…
      Best wishes, Grace

  3. What a great post Grace, all the pics were fabulous but my favourite was you cycling you really do look as though you were thoroughly enjoying it. Phew what a fun filled week you had, nice to see your family too. Pamela, Wales U.K.

    • Hi Pamela, thank you for your lovely comments. You are so right about the cycling – one of the best things I have done all year. Thoroughly recommend it to anyone who lives reasonably close to London. My week’s aren’t usually so packed btw – most consist of A&G-related activities, the supermarket and ironing! Best wishes, Grace

    • Hi Liz. Delighted you approve. Yes, am sure we can do more What I Wore This Week’s – it’s good to know what type of articles appeal to our lovely readers. Best wishes, Grace

  4. Loved this ‘what I wore ‘ post….hope you do more of them !!! I am always seeing nice clothes that people have bought from Zara but being a size 16 I never know whether their sizing will accommodate my curvy frame !

    • Hi Karen. As Zara is a Spanish company, I find their sizes tend to come up small on me (5’8″ and size 16 on the top). So I usually go for XL and they seem to fit me. Definitely a site to bookmark as they often have such wonderful (and reasonably priced) clothes. Hope you find something you love at Zara… best wishes, Grace

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