What to pack for a UK winter break

It can be difficult to decide what to pack for a UK winter break ie the dreaded British weather. When it comes to filling a suitcase for a winter getaway in the UK it can be even harder. Throw in the stress, and packing for those who can’t do it themselves, such as the little ones, and it can be a nightmare just to find enough space. To make your life a little bit easier, we have put together some of the holiday essentials you need for your UK winter break, whether you’re staying in a B&B, a cottage or tent, or in a city, on an isle, or in a forest!

What to pack for a UK winter break

Since we don’t know whether it will be wet or dry – or both within the space of an hour – it is wise for you to be prepared for any kind of British weather. You also need to consider what you are going to be doing each day and in the evenings, and what you’ll need to do it successfully.

Dresses – during the winter we assume we can’t wear dresses and should wear trousers every day to keep warm, but that’s not the case, just consider pairing your dresses with some warm wool tights, a cardigan and a snazzy pair of boots and you will be good to go.
Trousers – think of your fabrics here, the combination of denim and rain is most people’s nightmare, so maybe think about bringing along a pair of waterproof trousers that you can put on, if it starts to rain while you’re out.
T-shirts – pack short and long-sleeved t-shirts; thermal ones are a life saver in the colder weather. Always take a spare one in your bag, just in case you get caught in a downpour. You’ll thank yourself later!
A blazer/shirt – for a romantic night out or meal at a smart restaurant, this simple combination will work a treat.
Sleepwear – a matching trouser set will keep you cosy.
Shoes – wellies/boots! Make sure you pack some for walks through muddy fields or woods. Or, on a rainy murky day – pack a pair of light shoes for driving, so you can whip off your dirty footwear and not destroy the car interior.
Coats – take a light raincoat that can be carried around with you and is easy to put on over your chosen winter coat.

Keep an eye on a good weather app or the weather on the TV for your chosen location as well to help you plan what you need to take with you.

What to pack for a UK winter breakPre-booked activity/event tickets
The advice “It’ll be fine, we will sort it when we get there,” doesn’t really come to pass nine times out of ten. There are so many advantages pre-booking your activities and events, especially if you’re going with the family.

Pre-booking secures you a place and makes sure you’re definitely going to be able to do what you want. It will allow you to queue jump at a lot of places too, and perhaps save a few pounds. If you’re organised enough to do this, keep your tickets in a safe place on your phone or in your suitcase.

From music to photography, and sat-navs to mobile phones, we all love and need our technology no matter where we are, to keep you entertained on those chilled out days. As well as the obvious, don’t forget the gadgets that will make life easier. That includes in-car and portable chargers, mini cameras, filters, and even under-water Walkmans (yes, they exist!)

What to pack for a UK winter breakUmbrella
A final reminder of the British gloom; it’s highly advised that you take an umbrella with you, even when you look out of your window in the morning and see sunshine. Take one that is small enough to fit in a bag, so you can forget about it until you feel the first drop!

One last thought – don’t let the British weather stop you doing any of your chosen activities. If you’re wearing the right clothes (and a smile) you will still have a brilliant time. Happy holidays…