White Chocolate Cheesecake

I have known grown men cry and offer to leave their wives for my white chocolate cheesecake! So if you fancy melting your husband’s heart by filling his stomach with the lightest and tastiest pud then read on:1248



85g unsalted butter

250g plain digestive biscuits


4 leaves gelatine

400g creme fraiche

100g white caster sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

75g white chocolate

400g ricotta


Crush the biscuits until smooth crumbs, add melted butter & mix. Place in base of loose bottomed cake tin and push down to make firm base. Put in the fridge whilst you make the top.

Cut gelatine into strips, cover with cold water for 5 mins. Drain and then pour 3 tbspn of boiling water over soaked gelatine, stir to dissolve.

Place creme fraiche in a small pan with sugar and gently heat, stirring continuously until mixture liquefies and sugar has completely dissolved. Whisk briefly to smooth out any lumps. Mixture should be warm, roughly same temperature as gelatine. Stir gelatine into the creme fraiche mix with the vanilla extract then transfer to a bowl to cool.

Melt white chocolate in microwave, or over a pan of boiling water.

Place ricotta in a bowl and whisk until smooth, add melted chocolate and whisk again. Then add the creme fraiche mix and whisk again. Pour on top of biscuit base, cover with cling film and chill overnight.

To serve: shave some white chocolate over top and serve with raspberries.


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9 years ago

Just served this and it was a huge success… thanks Annabel. Just would like to add that to serve run knife around inside edge of tin and then put on top of a can of beans or similar and pull the main part of tin down. Leave base in place and serve. Grace x

9 years ago

Was treated to this delicious cheesecake on Sunday – it was absolutely fabulous – very light and very gorgeous