Shortlisted for a Woman & Home amazing women award

Woman & Home awards / Social Influencers / Annabel & Grace the CountryWivesWe were thrilled and honoured to be selected for the Woman & Home magazine Amazing Women 50over50 awards. All of the other bloggers and vloggers in this category of ‘social influencers who are shouting about midlife’ work extremely hard so it is amazing to be recognised.

Of course we were also thrilled to be in the May issue with Helen Mirren on the front cover as she is one of our icons. There is a very honest interview withWoman & Home awards / Social Influencers / Annabel & Grace the CountryWives Helen inside the magazine. She talks about dealing with insecurity, managing bad hair days and the beauty secrets she swears by. Recently she had her eyebrows tattooed and what a difference it has made to her face. She is not skinny but as we all know she still looks good in a bikini. She is a true inspiration for women of our age as we embrace midlife.

I was reassured to see that Women and Home has an article on sustainable fashion as we published one on this topical subject last week (see link at bottom of this post). There is also an article about underwear – What Lies Beneath! Another one of the subjects we bang on about – good underwear will improve any outfit as it gives one a smooth shape.

I have to admit it was the first time I have bought a magazine for a very long time and I read it cover to cover. It appeals to real women, much like we do with our online magazine. We want to inspire and help older women so that they can find their new style – whether it be in their wardrobe, beauty routine, in their home or in their kitchen. We want them to embrace this time of their lives and enjoy all the activities and fun that there is to be had. We no longer want to fade into the old age background, we want to live to the full every second that we can. A few wrinkles or a muffin top is not going to hold us back. Let’s make the most of what we have and then go out and have fun.

Grace and I love producing our online magazine. CountryWives has given us both a new lease of life – we meet interesting people, many of our own age, who are doing something different in their later life. Running a website has made us quite techie though we are still learning what SEO is, and the difference between a tag, a keyword and a hashtag! We have embraced social media but we only use it in a positive way as our aim is never to be negative.

Our readers email us or write comments on our posts and that also gives us a lift – just to know that one person has enjoyed an article keeps us going. We hope to continue producing our online magazine through midlife and beyond and hope that all our readers will stay with us for the ride.

Fashion Fix : Sustainable fashion

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4 years ago

Morning Annabel Grace and Co,
It’s 7am on a yet another damp Sunday morning, my two gorgeous long haired Chihuahuas have just woken me up to go outside to do their business. So wide awake as I am now I just made a cuppa then took it back to bed(well it is early and it’s Sunday so no guilt trip) and thought ah let’s catch up with my favourite Country Wives on line Mag. So the point I am really making is please keep up this fabulous ‘blog’ it’s always great to catch up always with a cuppa as it’s so interesting to read any time of day.
When I have finished I will Cwtch down, as we say in Wales and may be doze off for another hour before Sunday begins and take dogs out and look up at yet another day of dark skies and pray we will have a gorgeous well deserved summer after such a long winter and I can read CW with a cuppa of course in the garden. Ah that’s what dreams are made of.
Finally well done for appearing in Woman& Home magazine what a fabulous achievement for you for all the hard work you clearly put in to the bog and championing us lovely mature women.
Please continue to enable me and others to enjoy reading it , with a cuppa !
Hey I love the blogs too you both always looks so smart, I look forward to the next one.
Bye for now, shall I have another Sunday cuppa or snuggle down, what a dilemma!
Have fun ,
Love Pamela from Wales x
Oh and Tina & Taffi, woof woof

4 years ago

Oh dear me,I meant to say Blog not bog but I know you all have a sense of humour X

4 years ago

Oh boy I definitely need another cuppa again I meant to say keep up the vlogs as I love them x

4 years ago

Huge congratulations to you both on your short listing….so well deserved x

Annabel & Grace
4 years ago
Reply to  Dee

Thank you Dee, much appreciated. Grace x

Lazy Daisy Jones
4 years ago

Congratulations Ladies!
So lovely to find more over 50 bloggers.I wrote a post myself about the awards today!
Loving your blog as its jam packed full of interesting topics!

Jela Webb
4 years ago

Congratulations Country Wives! I love reading your newsletter every Sunday morning and particularly enjoy the vlogs you film and post – more please!