Woman of the Week: Amanda

Woman of the Week: AmandaWhat age you feel right now?  I am 59, however, mentally I do feel younger – perhaps 35? I feel so much more confident now though and happier in my skin. I am looking forward to the years ahead as there is so much more I want to do with my life and hopefully in the future will have more time to do it! I would like to give something back to society and hope that I’ll be able to do that.

Family life  I’m married with three children, two of whom have now flown the nest and the third starting university in September. My husband, Adrian, has recently retired – in reality he is busier than ever.

Do you work? I run an online organic skincare business which I started nearly 14 years ago starting from a spare room in our house. I am very passionate about all things organic but as I had no experience of business, I learnt from the ground up, teaching myself all aspects of how to run a small company! We are now offering a private label service to clients which is a very exciting new venture for me.

Woman of the Week: AmandaDo you live in the town or country?  I have always lived in rural England and grew up on a smallholding in Burwash, East Sussex. Life is always hectic, but especially now that we have just embarked on a project to rebuild our house. Our friends think we are mad. Between us we are project managing the new house build.

What you like to do in your free time? Between managing my company, designing the house plans and choosing tiles, bricks, liaising with tradesmen and so forth, there is not much ‘me’ time left. I do manage to fit in a couple of sessions of yoga a week and try to walk every morning before I set off for work. I love eating out, meeting friends, playing tennis and playing the piano. I used to paint, so that is on my list of things to do ‘when I get more time’!

Fashion faves? A shop called Sienna Rocks in Horsham – I just love their clothes and they are not expensive. I also love lingerie, and there is a great shop in Petworth called Guilt. I could not do without a really nice bra and knicker set for special occasions!

How tekkie are you?  Because my business is primarily online, I have embraced technology. I love apps for my phone and am forever adding them. I found a lovely meditation app, called Insight Timer which is available from Google Play. It is based on timed meditations and is really good for helping you get off to sleep.

Beauty tip: The one thing I say to everyone, and I believe is really the most important thing to do, is to always, without exception, remove every trace of makeup, every night, before you go to sleep, preferably using an organic natural cleanser. This was advice from my mother and I have always stuck to it.

Woman of the Week: AmandaWhat TV do you like? I absolutely loved Versailles! Really sad this series has ended! I am also a bit of a news addict these days.

Do you listen to music? Yes, on Spotify and at the moment I am really fond of Eva Cassidy. She died many years ago now, and I had not heard of her until her songs kept popping up on this app. I am now a huge fan. Her voice is absolutely beautiful.

What can’t you live without?  Mascara!

Your top tip for #womenover50 Look after your health and everything else will follow.