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The award winning online magazine for older women

“We have been so inspired by numerous older women that we decided to share their stories and their lifestyle choices, to showcase all that’s positive about being an older woman in today’s world.”

Annabel & Grace (formerly CountryWives) is upbeat, positive and pro-age. Everything on our website aims to inspire women to feel fantastic and be the best they can be, however old they are.

Who does our weekly magazine appeal to?

Annabel & Grace online magazine has grown considerably since it began life as a blog in early 2010. Our loyal readership looks forward to their weekly issue and considers it a valuable source of interesting ideas, stories, advice, and product recommendations from like-minded women.

Written by co-founders Grace Carnegie-Brown and Annabel Simons, with regular posts from a wide range of other pro-age contributors, we cover seven categories that are of specific interest to our demographic:

Fashion & style tips
Tried and tasted recipes

Read globally, our readership is predominantly in the UK and USA. The audience is typically women over 50, although the spectrum covers 35 – 90 year olds. The majority have grown up children, some have grandchildren, but very often they are looking to rediscover themselves by starting something new (a long held ambition perhaps) now that they have more time and funds at their disposal.

Although the 50+ segment is the fastest growing on the internet, many find the choices overwhelming and appreciate our suggestions because they know they will be appropriate and because it saves them time.

Integrity is very important to us. We, or one of our friends, needs to have tried or experienced our recommendations. We do not publish negative reviews – life is too short. We prefer to stick to the positive. Our readers trust our judgement and of that, we are immensely proud.

How we can work together

Sponsored posts / links / vlogs
We are happy to work with companies that offer services and/or products that will genuinely appeal to our readership. We retain full editorial control. We accept gifted products/services but, as we only publish positive unbiased reviews, this does not guarantee a post or other promotion on the Annabel & Grace website, newsletter and/or social media channels. We do not run competitions.

To request our media pack, for our stats and more information on promotional opportunities, please email us.

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