Finally Zeynep emigrates to Turkey, delayed by Covid-19 & lockdown

Zeynep has been one of our contributors for some time sharing her stories, life challenges, and her view on the British way of life. Late last year she decided to return to live in the country of her birth, Turkey, where she has a brother and other family members living. She admits this is a trial and it may not work but my experience of Zeynep is that as she is always keen to try out new things, so she will give this her best shot. I know she will throw herself into her new life, continue to visit the UK and all her friends, and if it doesn’t work she will move on. I am sad to see her go but she has promised to continue to write for us about her new life. She was meant to move in March but Covid-19 put paid to that. The post below is her last one from the UK.

While everyone is thinking about the next lockdown free phase in their lives, in familiar surroundings, I am about to pack my bags and take off to unfamiliar grounds ie Bodrum, Turkey.  One must not assume that just because I am Turkish, I know how life is going to be there. In fact, I have no idea.  Returning to my roots after 47 years still feels surreal. I think the penny will drop when after a month I still remain in Bodrum. 

Despite the upheaval the virus has created around me,  my life has been very steady and peaceful. A three month holiday that I have never really had, in beautiful surroundings, with my lovely friends who have become a sort of extended family. It has given me the opportunity to get to know myself! Yes, you have read correctly. 

I have discovered that I am able to fill my time with a variety of activities. Maggie, Emma and I are about to finish our third set of Adriene’s 30 day online yoga courses. Apart from a few moves (who knows why I cannot bring a leg forward from a downward dog position) I feel very flexible. I will find a course for our next 30 days and we will carry on even if we will be in different countries. 

Zeynep's first attempt at painting from post: Finally Zeynep emigrates to Turkey, delayed by Covid-19 & lockdown

Maggie’s husband Graham’s hobby is painting; mainly portraits but other things too. He is really amazing. Seeing my interest, he gave me set of acrylics, a canvas and a picture of a chicken. With his help, I have attempted to replicate it. This led to painting many other items. Thanks to Graham, who says, ‘You will never be alone’, I have discovered a wonderful pastime. As I am embarking on this new adventure of moving to Turkey, totally alone, it is exactly what I needed to hear. It is true that once I start, time flies, plus, I feel so good afterwards. 

More of Zeynep's painting from post: Finally Zeynep emigrates to Turkey, delayed by Covid-19 & lockdown
A derelict cottage from post: Finally Zeynep emigrates to Turkey, delayed by Covid-19 & lockdown

Not having a job to go to and living with friends, I needed to structure my days. I even managed to do some French teaching. With sometimes long queues, food shopping for friends, who were in isolation, took up two days. every week. Weather permitting I tried to take regular walks which left me humbled and gave me inner peace. I discovered a totally derelict white cottage and fell in love with it. Many of my walks ended up with going there just to see it one more time.  Being a sea lover I had no idea about the healing power of the woods and the trees.  

I had other totally unexpected healing experiences too. Within 15 minutes of meeting a highly spiritual lady, Esther, my host’s daughter-in-law, she offered me Reiki (a energy healing treatment that works holistically) session. This led to Access Bars. This is an energetic body process involving gentle touching of 32 points on your head. The effects were immediate. Not only have I started sleeping better but my mind has been opened to a variety of possibilities. Mid-June I had training to become an access bars practitioner. Hopefully I will be able to practice it in Bodrum. 

Metaphorically speaking it is so easy to box ourselves in. The paradigms that we have stop us seeing outside that box. We often use sentences which start with, ‘At my age….’. Someone recently said to me, ‘This is your last move.’ It felt seriously awful to hear that. But we are so conditioned to make such remarks. Actually I am giving myself three years there. If I cannot adapt I am out. Age is totally irrelevant. I choose to see it as irrelevant!  It is so easy to get caught in other people’s judgemental comments, constant assumptions. The more my mind and heart opens the quicker I feel the energy around me. I am sure everyone felt an unease in the presence of another person at some point in their lives. The opposite is true too of course. Some people radiate happiness and good vibes. My aim is to be the latter and spend my days with likewise beings.

Grace and I wish her every happiness in her new life in Turkey…..

Zeynep just sent me two pics of her arrival in Turkey, taken at her Aunt’s house. I think she has made the right choice!

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