Six BBQ dishes with a difference

With a fabulous weather forecast, we decided to dust off the Weber and have a little family competition to see who could come up with the best “BBQ dish with a difference”. Much as we love a juicy steak slapped on the hot coals, we fancied trying a few new ideas that would be more interesting for everyone to munch on. This is what we came up with and which we tried and, because they were all delish, thought you might like to give them a go too…

BAGUETTE – slice, smear with garlic butter and griddle.

BUTTERNUT SQUASH – blanch wedges 2-3 mins, dry. Brush with chilli oil and grill 3 mins per side.

RED ONIONS – skewer chunks, drizzle balsamic glaze

BBQ dishes

STUFFED BABY SQUID – mix cooked sushi rice with mirin, prawns, wasabi and stuff into baby squid, pin with pre-soaked cocktail sticks. Pat dry and then cook really quickly over the hottest part of the BBQ for a couple of minutes until caramelised. Any longer and the squid will be chewy. Squeeze lime juice over once cooked.

BEEF & CHORIZO MEATBALLS – combine mince, onion, garlic, paprika, half beaten egg to form balls. Skewer, alternating with chorizo slices.  Went really well with the zesty Courgette Lemon & Honey Salad

HALLOUMI KEBABS – thread courgette, cubed cheese, cherry toms onto skewers.