Body Maintenance: Our Solutions To Some Not So Great Things After 60

Grace and I recently got together and recorded a podcast about our body maintenance routines. No longer can we rely on a quick brush of our hair and some lippie. Therefore as we get older body maintenance can take a little longer and require a bit more input. Body parts move south, decay comes into play and so we need regular appointments with the experts.

I think one of the things we learned whilst making the podcast is that we underestimated our assets when they were good. Tell your daughters to make the most of what they have whilst they have it. I mean let’s face it – our figures, no matter how much shapewear we put on, are ever going to be as naturally good as at our nubile peak. Right now I am happy with what I have. Nevertheless it needs looking after.

For example both Grace and I battle with our hair for different reasons. By now you have found the haircut that you like and to be honest learning how to maintain a new style, mastering the blow dry and what hair products you must use is a faff. So stick with what suits you. Don’t deviate too much, just find out how to keep it at its optimum. I love a fringe to hide my forehead wrinkles. Grace has her curlers to give her a bit of a lift. We can all blow dry our hair better than the hairdresser by this stage in our life. It all comes down to self-confidence and a few shared secrets.

Body Maintenance: Our Solutions To Some Not So Great Things About Hitting 60

From eyebrows to bikini waxes we are all masters at knowing what works, what suits us and whether we can be bothered to maintain the routine. I don’t want to call it a beauty routine as that seems too grand a term. But finding the right tools, whether it be your husband’s nose hair plucker or just enjoying the feeling a lovely manicure gives you, is what it is about.

No longer are we intimidated by other women and their assets or achievements. If a woman of our age looks good, the bitchy woman will say, “Oh well she has had a lot of work done”. The rest of us will ask her for her beauty secrets.

Women sharing tips from post ~ Body Maintenance: Our Solutions To Some Not So Great Things About Hitting 60

As women get older they love to share tips. Other women understand this need. Men prefer sharing sports news or a vintage wine. So this podcast is us sharing our tips with you.

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