Cheerful Buddha CBD Infused Coffee tried & tasted by Zeynep

The Cheerful Buddha founder, Claudia, is quite a spiritual person, and whilst she is not a practising Buddhist, she does have a great respect for the Buddha’s principles. Buddha represents peace, love and a positive existence. The Cheerful Buddha CBD infused coffee aims to make people feel good, and improve overall wellbeing – which ultimately makes us all feel happier.

All of The Cheerful Buddha products are 100% natural and manufactured in the United Kingdom. Their cannabinoid extracts are of the highest quality produced by one of the very few Home Office licensed Cannabis Sativa (industrial hemp) growers.

Benefits of Cheerful Buddha CBD infused coffee:

  • Feel alert, calm and focused – a unique feeling
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO and lactose-free
  • 100% Natural & Healthy

We asked Zeynep, one of our regular contributors, to try the Cheerful Buddha CBD infused coffee and write a review. As she is Turkish she loves her coffee and so we felt she would be the perfect critic.

Day 1

I love coffee. I have 2 cups of black, sugarless coffees after my pint of warm lemon juice every morning. Lately I have been having Java strength 6 so when I saw Medium strength, on the package of my Columbian CBD infused coffee, I was worried that it would be too weak for my liking. I didn’t need to. It was strong and tasted delicious. I have no idea yet what CBD contributes to this coffee. I feel the same, a bit emotional because of the forthcoming changes in my life.  Maybe tomorrow I will feel different. We’ll see.

Day 2 

Zeynep's coffee percolator

The coffee tasted sweeter this morning. It is not affecting my mood at all but it is only day 2. I do like it and I think I will continue to buy it when I have finished this packet.

As you can see I am using a traditional coffee percolator however I understand that the ground coffee works perfectly in reusable Nespresso pods too!

Day 3

I have nearly finished the whole pack. It tasted even better this morning. I am still not sure what CBD adds to this coffee but I really enjoyed drinking it.  I will buy more Cheerful Buddha CBD infused coffee and I am sure if drunk regularly I will start to benefit from the CBD infusion.

Ready to shop the range ~

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