Would you like to see some innovative Bedding ideas?

How important is a good night’s sleep? Well, the simple answer is, very important; it’s clear that it is essential for a long and healthy life – as the NHS website clearly explains. So, apart from reading my 9 tips for a better night’s sleep, here are some innovative bedding ideas that I’ve discovered which may help you and your family achieve the magical eight hours in dreamland…

Supportive pillows

The adjustable pillow. Am I the only one who finds it tricky to find the right pillows? I have tried various combinations of natural and synthetic, soft and firm and yet here I am, aged 68, still wondering if I can find an even better combo of comfort and support. The first pillow I’ve tried and tested and would like to tell you about is the Adjustable Pillow It caters to all sleepers – front, back and side – and contains 4 soft inner pads, which you can remove individually to adjust your pillow height and firmness. It has a 100% quilted cotton cover and benefits from a unique air-vented system to keep you perfectly cool while asleep.

I like this pillow as it is very supportive and my neck doesn’t ache when I wake up. As it is customisable it also has to be a brilliant choice for a guest bedroom as it’s so versatile. If you hop on the Kally website, they have a Pillow Finder section which will help you in your particular search. They have a wonderful range of problem-solving pillows and offer a the 14-night sleep trial – if their product doesn’t work for you, you can get a refund. No small matter when a pillow can easily cost £40 or so.

The Tempur pillow When I was in John Lewis buying a bed the other day, the sales assistant gave me a Tempur pillow to use when I was trying out the various mattresses. OMG it was comfortable. Unusually for a pillow, it was quite heavy. This is because it contains thousands of micro-cushions which support you by moulding to your natural head and neck alignment. I couldn’t resist buying one and am definitely enjoying a better night’s sleep as a result. MORE INFO

If you’re prone to waking up overheated in the middle of the night, why not check out the Cooling Chamber pillow from Soak & Sleep. I haven’t tried it myself but it looks interesting. The case is made from a blend of Tencel and nylon – the same fabric you see in high-performance sportswear. The makers claim it will “see you through the heat of the summer or the hell of hot flushes at night.”

Eco-friendly bedding

We’ve already recommended Duvet Hog in the past – you can read our full review here. It’s the duvet I’m happily sleeping under now. In brief, it is made from the finest spun vegan-down. Soft, light, warm and breathable, like real down, but without plucking a single feather. It’s also temperature regulating, allergy safe and machine washable. If you don’t love it they will take it back after 30 nights for free.

A&G readers are entitled to 15% discount when you use promo code AG2020 at the checkout on the Duvet Hog website.

Linen is soft, cosy, durable, very sustainable, hypoallergenic and requires no ironing. It is made from flax, a totally natural, biodegradable material which needs only rain to grow – a far cry from the 10,000 litres required to grow 1kg of cotton. The more you wash it, the softer it becomes so look for pre-washed sets such as these from La Redoute. With 22 different colours to choose from, there’s bound to be one that fits in perfectly with your bedroom’s colour scheme. MORE INFO

Duvet covers made from bamboo are another eco-friendly alternative if you want to add a sustainable bedding piece to your bedroom.

All-in-one duvet

The coverless duvet Absolutely brilliant if you hate wrestling with a duvet cover, M&S offers this all-in-one affair that you can easily machine wash. Available in pink as shown here, or grey. Ideal for when the grandchildren come to stay! MORE INFO

John Lewis sell a plain white version – The Fine Bedding Company Night Owl Coverless Duvet – if you prefer something a little more traditional. MORE INFO

Wool duvet – no need to count sheep!

I’ve heard a few friends talking enthusiastically about wool duvets, so I was keen to find out more about them. I tried a Soak & Sleep pure New Zealand wool Spring/Autumn duvet (4.5 tog). I was intrigued to see how lightweight it was when I laid it out on the bed, but you obviously don’t need volume to keep you cosy as I found it very comfortable to sleep under. Wool duvets are breathable, moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic which means they are cool in summer and warm in winter. Perfect for sharing too as each sleeper enjoys their own micro-climate at their own perfect temperature. Soak and Sleep describes their wool duvets as “sustainable, recyclable and proven to improve your REM sleep quality by 25%.” They are also machine washable – a bonus when you think how much dry cleaning a duvet costs these days. MORE INFO

Reversible bedlinen

Made offers reversible bedding in a variety of colourways – I rather like the pale grey and white. This Solar cotton duvet cover comes as a set with two pillowcases for £49. MORE INFO

If you are more adventurous in the bedroom than me (LOL), then why not consider this wonderfully vibrant reversible cotton and polyester duvet and pillowcase set from Dunelm from just £17.50. MORE INFO

Last but not least, there’s also this reversible bedlinen in a stylish and exclusive hand-drawn stripe from Heal’s which is woven in Portugal using fine yarn and a jacquard loom, the hand-drawn lines offering a softer aesthetic than a completely straight line would. MORE INFO

That’s it folks! Wishing you sweet dreams….. Grace x

Lots more excellent product recommendations here

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2 years ago

Hi Ladies, all really interesting. I love the idea of a wool duvet but please could you not promote an English/ British company, there are some & our sheep farmers need all the help they can get.

Annabel & Grace
2 years ago
Reply to  Jane

Hi Jane. I take your point and will remember that for the next time we promote wool products. I just happened to try a wool duvet that was made of NZ wool. Hopefully people will think about the benefits of a wool duvet because of my post and, in their search for one, they may well buy from a British supplier. Best wishes, Grace